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Science has applications in many industries including health care, informatics, food security, recycling and construction. By choosing a programme in sciences your studies will enable you to make a difference in society and chart an exciting career in one or more of these areas.
Science at Cave Hill is a suite of programmes offered through the departments of BCS and CMP, and through its affiliation with CIMH. These include Biochemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Electronics, Meteorology to name a few. From these courses, students can select majors in the following areas:
Single Majors
    Computer Science
    Information Technology
Double Majors
    Computer Science
Or, you may combine any two (2) Faculty Majors to give a Double Major in two (2) disciplines, e.g. Biology and Chemistry. However, note that the following restrictions apply:
  1. You cannot Major in both Computer Science and Information Technology.
  2. Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology and Microbiology Majors may not be combined.  Students wishing to pursue such Double Majors must instead register for the Biological Sciences Double Major.
  3. Only the Biology or Biochemistry Major may be combined with the Chemistry Major.
  4. Only the Biology or Ecology Major may be combined with the Environmental Science (formerly Earth Science) Minor.
  5. Students wishing to combine a Biology, Biochemistry, Ecology or Microbiology Major with a Major of another discipline must seek the approval of the Dean and are advised that timetable clashes of courses may make it impossible to complete such degrees in the minimum 3-year period.
Minors are available in all of the subjects listed above in addition to Statistics, Environmental Science and Medical Electronics.
You can put together almost any combination of Majors and Minors from within the Faculty - degree options. However, note that within the Biological Sciences, the following restrictions apply:
1.  Only the Biology or Ecology Major may be combined with the Environmental Science (formerly Earth Science) Minor.
2.  You must take a Major in the Faculty but, with the permission of the Dean, you may combine this with another Major or a Minor from the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Humanities. Currently, only a limited number of combinations are possible.
These programmes are all spelt out in the Faculty HandbookFor entry requirements click here »
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