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Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Biological & Chemical Sciences


Biological Sciences Double Major

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About the Programme

The Biological Sciences Double Major is a degree in which you study nothing but the Biological Sciences. At the end of it you will be a well-rounded, work-ready graduate, knowledgeable and skilled in several life science sub-disciplines. A final year research project provides real experience of scientific research.

What Will I Study?

You will :
  • Acquire knowledge and practical skills in several life science disciplines.
  • Become a creative, problem-solver and critical thinker in the laboratory, field and classroom.
  • Provide real experience of scientific research, its design, implementation and evaluation
  • Develop transferable skills widely applicable to various careers.

Facilities and Resources


Our Department does research in several areas of Biological Sciences especially in Biochemistry, Ecology and Microbiology. Some of our focus organisms include Our Department includes a Pew Marine Fellow, we host The Barbados Sea Turtle Project and an on-line Plants of the Eastern Caribbean database.

Career Opportunities

Typical careers:
  • Quality assurance officer
  • Environmental officer
  • Science teacher
  • Biosafety officer
  • Health care sales representative
  • Horticulturist
  • Research scientist

Continue on to postgraduate programmes in Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Fisheries, Food Science, Forensics, Plant Pathology, and other areas of applied Biology.


Why Study in Barbados

Our degree is internationally recognized with our graduates going on to do postgraduate work at universities worldwide. We offer a quality learning environment with small class sizes taught by full-time international faculty in an unbeatable, safe tropical setting.
We welcome local, international and regional students.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BSc
  • Duration: Part time: Minimum 5 years, Full Time: 3-4years


Programme Details


BIOC1015: Introduction to Biochemistry
BIOL1020: Diversity of Life I
BIOL1025: Diversity of Life II
BIOL1030: Introduction to Genetics

LEVELS II & III - (60 Credits)

ALL FIVE courses (15 Credits):

BIOC2365 Primary Metabolism
BIOC2371 Molecular Techniques
BIOL2373 Skills for Biologists
ECOL2460 Essentials of Ecology
MICR2260 Essential Microbiology

AND TWO courses (6 Credits) from:

BIOL2166 Advanced Genetics I
BIOL2370 Flowering Plant Physiology
BIOL2371Ecophysiology of Animals

AND 9 Credits from:

Level II BIOC/BIOL/ECOL/MICR elective courses

AND 30 Credits from:

Level III BIOC/BIOL/ECOL/MICR elective courses


Level II Courses:

BIOC2365 Primary Metabolism
BIOC2366 Protein Biochemistry
BIOC2370 Cell Signals
BIOC2900 Biochemistry Exchange Elective
BIOL2166 Advanced Genetics I
BIOL2370 Flowering Plant Physiology
BIOL2371 Ecophysiology of Animals
BIOL2372 Plants for Caribbean Landscapes
BIOL2463 Sustainable Land Use
BIOL2465 Tropical Horticulture
BIOL2466 Tropical Energy and Bioprocessing
BIOL2900 Biology Exchange Elective
ECOL2460 Essentials of Ecology
ECOL2461 Caribbean Island Biodiversity
ECOL2462 Marine Biota
ECOL2900 Ecology Exchange Elective
MICR2260 Essential Microbiology
MICR2261 Eukaryotic Microbes
MICR2262 Methods in Microbiology
MICR2900 Microbiology Exchange Elective

Level III courses:

BIOC3260 Principles of Biotechnology
BIOC3261 Mitochondrial Bioenergetics
BIOC3370 Basis of Human Disease
BIOL3901 Multidisciplinary Project
BIOL3990 Biology Project
BIOC3265 Principles of Bioinformatics
BIOL3025 Molecular Plant Pathology
ECOL3100 Statistics for Ecologists
ECOL3460 Biology and Ecology of Coral Reefs
ECOL3461 Ecology of a Changing Planet
ECOL3462 Behaviour: An Evolutionary Approach
ECOL3463 Tropical Crop Ecology
ECOL3990 Ecology Project
MICR3265 Microbiology of Food
MICR3266 Ecology of Microorganisms
MICR3267 Essential Virology
MICR3268 Microbial Pathogenesis

The minimum CAPE (or equivalent) qualifications for entry to the programme can be viewed at the Faculty of Science and Technology Undergraduate Admission Page.

Tuition information can be viewed at the Student Financing Tuition Fees Page.

Information about Payment Plans can be viewed at the Student Financing Payment Plans Page.

To view options for Financial Aid, visit the Student Financing Financial Aid Page.

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