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Faculty of Science and Technology


Faculty Office and Departments


  • What does full-time or part-time registration mean?
  • What is a prerequisite course?
  • What is a Co-requisite course?
  • How do I know which courses to take?
  • Is there a particular order in which I need to take courses?

Academic Advising

  • Who is my Academic Advisor?

Making Changes to your Programme

  • When are Change of Majors submitted?
  • How do I drop or add courses?

Examinations and GPA

  • How do I apply to da a course by “Exams Only”?
  • Am I eligible to graduate?
  • What is Required to Withdraw “RTW” status?

General Information

  • Where do I drop off my assignments?
  • Where can I purchase a student lab manual?
  • Where can I get a locker?
  • I'm having difficulty. Where can I go for help?

Faculty of Science and Technology
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