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Faculty of Science and Technology

Student Resources


For new applicants applying to pursue studies with the Faculty, refer to these details on the application and admissions procedures to be followed.

Below are important forms and relevant information for all our FST undergraduate students (both new and continuing FST students):

Name of Form Use of Form 
Change of Major Form  Request permission to change a Major
Leave of Absence Form (Revised) Request a leave of absence during a Semester
Request for Exemptions Form  Request an exemption from a particular course
Academic Advisement Plan For students seeking academic advising to assist in achieving their academic goals
Foundation Course - Substitution Form   Request to substitute one foundation course with a foreign language course
Permission Form Request to take specific courses
Declaration of Major Form Students must declare their proposed Majors by the end of the registration period of the Semester in which they intend to graduate (Reg. 15a - Handbook)
Transfer Form  For Inter-Faculty/Inter-Campus Transfers
Study Exchange Form Study Abroad Application
Cross-Campus Registration Form  For Cross-Campus Registration Requests
Rental of Locker Form To be completed when renting a locker from the FST Faculty Office
Late Withdrawal Form  For Late Withdrawal Requests
Voluntary Withdrawal Form  For Voluntary Withdrawal Requests

The above forms provided are all digital, so you can input the requested data/information directly on the form(s) and then email the form(s) afterwards to to be processed by the FST Faculty Office Personnel.

Students can also visit the CHOL Library for Examination Forms.   

Postgraduate Students Forms can be accessed via the following link:

Click here to access the 2022-2023 Academic Calendar.

To access our FST Faculty's 2022-2023 Undergraduate Students Handbook, click here.
To access our FST Faculty's 2022-2023 Postgraduate Students Handbook, click here
To access the Campus' New Students Website, click here.
To access The UWI Cave Hill 2022-2023 Student Handbook, click here.

To access the 2019-2020 Faculty Advisors List, click here.
To access the 2020-2021 Faculty Advisors List, click here.
To access the 2022-2023 Faculty Advisors List, click here.

To access the 2021-2022 FST Dean's List, click here.
To access the 2020-2021 FST Dean's List, click here.
To access the 2019-2020 FST Dean's List, click here.

To access the full list of our FST Student Awardees for the 2021-2022 Academic Year, click here
For information about specific guidelines for the laboratories and fieldwork to be conducted via the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences (BCS), please click here.

Provided below are links to four (4) important health and safety documents that will be used as a guide for all UWI Students, as provided by The UWI - Cave Hill Campus, during the Covid-19 period:

To find your way around Campus, click here to access the Campus Map.

There are also a number of important information technology (IT) tools that students need to be familiar with, and these tools include.
  • CHOL – Online Student Administration System
  • EMAIL – Students' official UWI email address
  • MYELEARNING –  The Cave Hill Campus Learning Management System (LMS)
  • IT SERVICE DESK – The portal for accessing support for any technology-related issues

Also, to access other Student Resources, click on the links provided below:
Faculty of Science and Technology
Telephone: (246) 417-4312 Fax:(246) 417-4597 Email: