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Faculty of Science and Technology

Computer Science Society (CSS)

The Computer Science Society (CSS)
("Connect, Empower, Innovate")

The Computer Science Society (CSS) grew out of the Faculty's Computer Science Club (CSC) and Power Users Group (PUG). The club was originally conceived by the Faculty’s former I. T. Technician - Maurice Beckles, but was refined with guidance from members of the Computer Science and Electronics disciplines namely: Dr. Adrian Als, Mrs. Tessa King-Inniss, Dr. Thomas Edward, Dr. Ramon Sargeant, and Dr. Hussein Thompson.

The aim of CSS is to bridge the gap between the UWI and the working world as not everything can be learnt in the classroom alone.  CSS also aims to provide an all around experience for persons interested in Information Technology and Computer Science, despite their faculty, as computers and technology are incorporated into various areas of everyone's everyday life and work. 

CSS meets every Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. in the Computer Science Lab 1 (CSL1), located on the First Floor of the Leslie Robinson Building at the UWI - Cave Hill Campus.

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