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Faculty of Science and Technology

FST Students Committee (via the Guild)

Meet the Faculty of Science & Technology Students Committee (FSTSC) for the Academic Year 2020-2021

  1. President:  Kyle Holder-Leach
  2. Vice President:  Travis Gardiner
  3. Secretary:  Nia Gentle
  4. Treasurer:  Jevon Yearwood
  5. Public Relations Officer:  Teneisha Smith
  6. Events Officer:  Jamaine Atwell
  7. Constitutional Chairperson:  Venus Lowe
  8. Biological and Chemical Sciences Chairperson:  Chelsea Jordan
  9. Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics Chairperson:  Neco Ross
  10. Fundraising Officer:  Jonathan Williams
  11. Computer Science Representatives:  Rhea Callender and Aldon Gage
  12. Mathematics Representative:  Sherise McKoy
  13. Physics Representative:  Tyrese Skeffers
  14. Electronics Representative:  Krystal Clarke
  15. Software Engineering Representative:  Xavier Dash  
  16. Biology Representative:  Gregory Blanco
  17. Chemistry Representative:  Sueann Charlemagne
  18. Biochemistry Representative:  Akilah Jordan-Watson
  19. Ecology Representative:  Jadeja Archer
  20. Meteorology Representative:  Kristen Lynch
  21. Environmental Science Representative:  Tamar Andrews
  22. Microbiology Representative:  Brittney Mckenzie

The Faculty of Science and Technology Students Committee (FSTSC) is one of the many arms of the Guild of Students of The UWI - Cave Hill Campus, with a singular core objective.  Their main focus is on the efficient and effective representation and protection of the rights and privileges of the faculty's student population. 

Provided below are contact details for the FSTSC:
  1. Email:
  2. Instagram: fstcavehill
  1. Twitter: fstcavehilluwi
  1. Snapchat: fstcavehilluwi

Faculty of Science and Technology
Telephone: (246) 417-4312 Fax:(246) 417-4597 Email: