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Faculty of Culture, Creative and Performing Arts

Student Resources

Student Resources

The University's annual calendar indicating official dates e.g. examinations period, teaching periods, semester breaks, graduation dates etc.

An archive of past examinations papers.

For students desirous of spending an academic year or semester abroad at one of these partner Universities while still registered at UWI. 

Where do you want to go?



Complete this form if you are desirous of transferring to another Faculty or UWI Campus.  Deadline is January 31 for transfer to the Faculty of Law or March 31 for all others.


Forms for Download:

Exemptions Request (pdf): .......... Use this form to request credits for university courses previously completed or request exemptions from similar courses successfully completed with an external institution.  
Leave of Absence (pdf):   This form is required for leave from studies, whether short leave of a few days, one semester or an academic year.  
HUMN3901 Capstone Registration (pdf):   To be completed by students registered for the final year research/creative project.  
Registration Aide (pdf):   A Guide to assist you with selecting courses and manually tracking your course progress.