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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology



About the Programme

Through this programme you will develop foundational knowledge and skills in psychology, and learn how to apply these to address Caribbean psychological issues. The Psychology Special degree content meets the requirements for the pursuit of graduate study in psychology in the region, North America and the United Kingdom. Students who pursue this programme will be prepared to select from a wide range of subdisciplines for postgraduate study to achieve their career goals.  
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Special) programme enables students to:
  • Develop a knowledge base in psychology  
  • Acquire psychological research skills and engage in research projects 
  • Develop skills in counselling psychology  
  • Gain knowledge on behavioral change methods used in psychology  
  • Address ethical issues that impact psychological practice 
  • Learn ways of communicating psychological information 
  • Differentiate among the various sub disciplines of psychology  
  • Be prepared for selecting a sub field in psychology and postgraduate study 

What Will I Study?

The B.Sc. Psychology degree exposes students to core subjects in psychology. These include  developmental, social, abnormal, psychometrics and research methods in psychology. In addition, students are introduced to specialist areas such as counselling psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, gender and psychology, community and environmental psychology and communications psychology. The programme’s curriculum facilitates students’ understanding of psychological theory and research, and the application of that theory and research to address Caribbean social and psychological issues in different contexts: personal and institutions such as the family, work and school.   
To facilitate the interests and career aspirations and goals of our students in the social sciences, we also offer the following major/minor combinations:
Psychology with Management
Psychology with Political Science
Psychology with Sociology

Career Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in psychology can lead to fulfilling careers in: 
  • Guidance and counselling  
  • Social and human services
  • Behavioral research
  • Human Resources management 
  • Employee relations  
  • Teaching 

Graduate Level Opportunities

In response to the growing number of graduates in psychology in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, the psychology unit offers recent university graduates and practitioners the educational and training opportunities at the graduate level, to develop analytical skills to address psychological issues within organisations and society. Additionally, an important goal for the discipline is to produce a cadre of highly qualified graduates equipped to serve the complex counselling demands in Barbados and the Northern and Eastern Caribbean. As such, we offer the following taught masters programmes:
  • MSc Applied Psychology
  • MSc Counselling Psychology

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BSc
  • Duration: 3 to 4 years


Programme Details

30 courses approved by the Faculty of Social Sciences must be taken

To view the course list in the faculty handbook, click here »

Applications are accepted from November to February. However, applications of interest are accepted All year. Wisit the Admissions website to view Entry Requirements and Apply Now»

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
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