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Examinations Documents

·       Application for Replacement Certificate (PDF)
·       Examination Regulations Student Copy Extracts 2011-2012 (PDF)
·       Application for Discussion (PDF) - Undergraduate Students ONLY
·       Application for Remark (PDF)
·       Transcript Request Form (PDF)
·       Medical Certificate/Report (Coursework and Final Examinations) (PDF)
·        Supplemental Examination Request Form

Registration & Student Advice Documents

Welcome to the Faculty of Law, 2017-18
Grading Scheme with effect from academic year 2014-2015
UWI Grade Descriptors
Application for Leave of Absence
Taking Courses in  Foreign Languages
Exemption Form (for law students only;  including courses FOUN1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society and FOUN1101 Caribbean Civilization).
Exemption Form for FOUN1002 - Language: Argument (to be submitted to the Faculty of Humanities and  Education).

Handbooks and Regulations

Faculty of Law Handbook 2017-2018(This is an Interim copy of the handbook until the full version is available)

Financial Information

Tuition fee for the Part-Time LLB Programme -  Bds$400.00 per credit per course in addition to the annual  Guild Fee, Amenities Fee and the ID Card Fee (one time charge).

Past Handbooks


Student Request Forms

Other Forms

Certificate of Participation - Replacement Form
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