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Exchange Versus Study Abroad

UWI Cave Hill Students considering spending a period at another university and earning credits towards their UWI degree have two options: Exchange or Study Abroad. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably, they are different. 
In an Exchange programme, partner universities exchange students with one another. Each university has a limited number of spaces.  UWI Cave Hill students apply to go on exchange through the campus' International Office within the Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU). Successful applicants pay regular tuition to UWI Cave Hill instead of having to pay tuition fees to their host institution. 

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To Study Abroad students can apply directly to the university of their choice.  If students wish to obtain credits from their study then courses must be approved by their Departmental Head and Dean prior to the commencement of the programme and the Study Abroad Form [PDF] must be completed and returned to the International Office. Students must also obtain a Letter of Permission from the Registrar's Office to transfer the credits towards their UWI degree.  Students who choose to study abroad must pay tuition to their host institution and are not limited to our academic exchange partners.

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