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Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU)

Online Information, Forms & Services Hub

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ONLINE INFORMATION & SERVICES HUB (Request Student Status Letters and Transcripts; Browse FAQs etc)

Registered students of the Cave Hill Campus have access to an online portal, built on a comprehensive knowledgebase, through which you can find answers to most of the common questions students have.  Students can also use the Hub to find forms and submit requests for routine administrative services such as requests for status letters and transcripts.  Students should bookmark the Hub and routinely use it when seeking information or requesting services from administrative departments.  CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE HUB.

The Hub does not yet include forms to request academic services administered by Faculties.  The links below provide easy access to academic-related forms.

Student Enrolment and Retention Unit
Telephone: (246) 417-4994/4656/4977/4972 Email: