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New Students

First Steps Reminders

First Steps Check List

The Pre-arrival Guide for Regional and International Students includes important reminders about tasks that students need to complete early as they prepare to enter the university.  Some of these tasks are relevant for all students.  We therefore present a general checklist. 


Accept Your Offer

Return your acceptance form immediately by email to the email address indicated when the letter of offer was received. Formal acceptance of your offer is necessary to activate the steps towards orientation and registration.

Return Required Documents

Return all required documents to the Admissions Office as requested in your offer letter. These include:

  • Medical Form (including a copy of your Immunization Record)
  • Photos
  • Financial Declaration Form (where relevant)
  • Full-time/3-Year Request Form with relevant documents (where applicable)
  • Student Visa Immigration Forms (where applicable)

Note that overseas students have the option to submit the original documents or certified copies on arrival at the Campus prior to registration or they may be sent via regular mail. Have copies of originals to leave with the Admissions Office.

Submit Outstanding Qualifications

Submit any recent CSEC and CAPE results or ensure that the final transcript from your associate degree programme or high school diploma are sent by your school to the Admissions Office.

Arrange Your Accommodation in Barbados (Where Applicable)

Overseas students have the option to select on-campus or off-campus accommodation. Applications for on-campus accommodation must be submitted by June 30, 2023. for Semester 1 and November 19 for Semester 2.
Move-in day for on-campus accommodation is August 25 (Semester 1) and January 19 (Semester 2)


Finalize Your Financial Arrangements
Complete the necessary arrangements for payment of your fees as outlined in your offer letter. Ensure that you have adequate funds to cover your fees, meals, transportation and living expenses for the duration of your programme. You may pay your fees before you arrive, and you may pay in full before registration. 

Register for Disability Services
If you have a medically documented disability, register with Disability Services in the Office of Student Services and Development.