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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology

Book Chapters and Journals

Dr. Kristina Hinds, Head of Department

Hinds, K. (2023). Invisible on the globe but not in the global: Decolonising IR using small island vistas. Review of International Studies, 49(3), 368-378. doi:10.1017/S0260210523000153 (available online:

Hinds, Kristina. (2021). "Big Ideas from Small Places: Caribbean Thought for International Relations". In Acharya, Amitav; Deciancio, Melisa; Tussie, Diana (Eds.) Latin America in Global International Relations. New York & London; Routlege. pp. 67-88.

Hinds, Kristina (2020). "It's complicated: The Caribbean's relationship to white-collar crime". In Looney, Robert E. (Ed). Handbook of Caribbean Economies, London: Routeledge. pp. 126 - 139.

Armstrong, Louise Alison, and Hinds, Kristina. (2019). "Exploring Caribbean CSOs ' Web Presences. "Special Issue Demystifying Caribbean Civil Society. Journal of Eastern Caribbean Studies.  December, 2019. 44, no 3. pp. 35-53
Hinds, Kristina, Stephen, Jeremy. “Fiscal crises in Barbados: comparing the early 1990s to the post-2008 crises.” In Andreas Antoniades and Ugo Panizza (Eds.) Global Debt Dynamics: Crises, Lessons, Governance. Third Worlds.  London: Routledge. Chapter 3.
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Hinds Harrison, Kristina; Montoute, Annita. (2018). “Global Forces and the Continued Role of Caribbean Trade Unions as Political Actors?” Karagiannis, Nikolaos and Mohammed, Debbie A (Eds.). Caribbean Realities and Endogenous Sustainability. University of the West Indies Press. pp. 266-288

Dr. Emmanuel Adugu

 Adugu, E. (2023). “Correlates of Trust and Engagement in Environmental Activism.” European Journal of Sustainable Development (2023), 12, 2, 287-306. Doi:10.14207/ejsd.2023.v12n2p287.
Adugu, E. (2022). “An assessment of social development under Jerry John Rawlings.” In Kumah-Abiwu, F., Abidde, S. Jerry John Rawlings Leadership and Legacy: A Pan-African Perspective. Pp. 115-135. Springer. 

Adugu, E. (2021). “Contextualizing Action Research.” In Wang, V. (Ed). Promoting Qualitative Research Methods for Critical Reflection and Change. Pp. 79-101. IGI Global Publishers, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7600-7.

Adugu, E. (2020). “Job automation, entrepreneurship, and the future of work”/ The future of SME marketing and operations: Critical change drivers”: In Nwankwo, S. & Gbadamosi, A. (Eds). Entrepreneurship Marketing: Principles and Practice of SME Marketing. Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group). Pp.259-374.  DOI: 10.4324/9780429505461-22.

Dr. Alana Griffith

Griffith, A. and Jackman, M. “Barriers to the Right to HIV Prevention Healthcare for Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) in Barbados: An Examination of Anti-gay Prejudice.”  Accepted by international Journal Human Rights in Healthcare Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. February 2nd, 2022.  DOI: 10.1108/IJHRH-03-2021-0077.

Griffith, A. and Jackman, M. and Wickham, P. “Fully Legal or Only Medical and Religious Purposes? Public Support for Cannabis Policies in the Eastern Caribbean.”  Drugs and Alcohol Today.  Early Cite, December 1st, 2021.  DOI: 10.1108/DAT-03-2021-0015.

Griffith, A. and Jackman, M. “Peers or Parents?: An Examination of Risk and Protective Factors Influencing Use of and Curiosity about Marijuana Among Adolescents in the Caribbean Island of Barbados.” Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse Online May 2020. DOI: 10.1080/1067828X.2020.1763884.
Griffith, A. and Moore, W. “A Comparative Analysis of Approaches to Integrating Sustainability into the Curriculum at a University in a Small Island Developing State in the Caribbean.” In ‘Integrating Sustainable Development into Curriculum’ edited by P. Blessinger and E. Kapur Book Series: Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL) by Emerald Group Publishing. Published March 18th, 2020.
Griffith, A. and Cohall, D. “An Exploration of Shifting Adolescent Use, Access and Risk Perception of Marijuana in the Caribbean Island of Barbados in 2006 and 2013.” Journal of Child and Adolescent Substance Abuse, Published online October 18th, 2019. DOI: 10.1080/1067828X.2019.1679310.
Oshi, SN, Abel, W, Brown, KA, Campbell-Williams, K, Whitehorne-Smith, P, Agu, CF, Griffith, A and Oshi, DC. “Is Sense of Belonging at School Associated with Cannabis Use Among Secondary School Students in Barbados.” Psychology, Health and Medicine, Published online October 9th, 2019. DOI: 10.1080/13548506.2019.1672878. 
Cohall, Damian and Griffith, Alana. Old Herb, “New” Purpose: A Preliminary Analysis of Marijuana as a Medicine in Barbados.” Accepted in the West Indian Medical Journal, Vol. 68, No. 1, 2019: 53-58 DOI: 10.7727wimj.2018.136. Journal Impact Factor 0.170.
Griffith, Alana and Cohall, Damian.  “Towards Conceptualising a Policy Framework for the Implementation of Medical Marijuana in a Small Island State in the Caribbean.” Drug Science, Policy and Law, September 2018. DOI: 10.1177/2050324518796349.
Griffith, Alana and Wickham, Peter. “Tolerance, Acceptance or Ambivalence?: Changing Expressions of Attitudes Towards Homosexuals in Barbados.” Sexuality Research and Social Policy, Vol. 16, No. 1, 2019: 58-69, Online First 2018, DOI: 10.1007/s13178-018-0329. Journal

Mrs. Therese James

Odle-James, T., & Willie-Tyndale, D. (2022). “Companions’ Chronicles: Experiences of Home Care Workers in the Community Elder Care (Companion) Program in Barbados.” Journal of Applied Gerontology, 0(0).

Odle-James T. and Rock, L.F. (2022). “The Block Placement in Social Work Field Education: A Caribbean Case Study.” In Rajendra Baikady, S.M. Sajid; Varoshini Nadesan and Rezaul Islam: The Routledge Handbook of Social Work Field Education in the Global South (1st ed.). UK, Routledge.

Dr. Debra Joseph

Patrick Cloos, Maeva Belloiseau, Nickez Mc Pherson, Debra D. Joseph, Kate Zinszer (2023) “Discussing linkages between climate change, human mobility and health in the Caribbean: the case of Dominica.”  A qualitative study - Research paper for the special issue: Transdisciplinary Collaborations on Climate Change and Health in The Journal of Climate Change and Health. Doi : 10.1016/j.joclim.2023.100237.

Joseph, D. D., & Jones, A. D. (2023). “Understanding Violence Against Women in the Caribbean Through an Exploration of Men’s Perspectives.” Violence Against Women, 29(5), 1005–1023.

Joseph, D. D. & Doon, R, A. (2022), The Social and Economic Implications of Environmental Justice for the Elderly: A Case for Social Work Interventions in the Caribbean. In D. Madhanagopal,  C. Beer,  B. Nikku and A, Pelser (eds.) Environmental, Climate, and Social Justice: Perspectives and Practices from the Global South. Palgrave Macmillan. [ISBN 978-981-19-1986-2 (NEW).

Joseph, D. Debra & Doon, A. Roshnie (2021). “The women in seafood landscape: a look at the social and economic challenges of gender -based violence”. Gender and Domestic Violence in the Caribbean”. Editors: Anne Marie Bissessar & Camille Huggins. ISBN (978-3-030-73471-8). Palgrave-McMillan (NEW).

Dr. Joan Phillips

2019.  “Deportation: Challenging the Caribbean’s Anti-trafficking Policies” in Palgrave  International Handbook of Human trafficking.’ In Handbook of Human Trafficking, eds J. Winterdyke and J Jones, Palgrave MacMillan, pp1-15.

2019.  Section editor “Explanations and Methods of Social Inquiry” in Palgrave International Handbook of Human Trafficking. In Handbook of Human Trafficking, eds J. Winterdyke and J Jones, Palgrave MacMillan.

2018.  “Migrant Sex Work or Sex Trafficking? - Reflections on Trafficking in Women: A Caribbean Post-colonial Perspective.” (Eds), Corin Bailey and K Joosen, pp318-324.

Dr. Catherine Trotman

Liverpool, S., Draoui, Y., Tucker, J., Pereira, B., Prescod, J., Owen, M., & Trotman, C. (2023). “Factors Associated with Children and Young People’s Mental Health in the English-speaking Caribbean Region: Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis,” PLoS ONE, 18(3): e0282666.

Trotman, C. “The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Caribbean.” In COVID-19 and the Caribbean: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Edited by Sherma Roberts, Halimah DeShong, Wendy Grenade and Dwayne Devonish. Palgrave MacMillan. Submitted for publication March 31st, 2022.

Liverpool, S., Prescod, J., Pereira, B., & Trotman, C. (2023). “Prevalence of Mental Health and Behaviour Problems Among Adolescents in the English-speaking Caribbean: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.” Discover mental health, 3(1), 11.

Trotman, C. (2021). “Twenty Years of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Barbados: A Systematic Review,” Caribbean Journal of Psychology, 13(1), 32-78.

Trotman, C. (2021). “Adverse Childhood Experiences and Covid-19,” GSSWP Policy Brief, 5(A).

Liverpool, S., Pereira, B., Pollard, M., Prescod, J. & Trotman, C. (2021). “Children and Young People’s Mental Health in the English-speaking Caribbean: A Scoping Review and Evidence Map.”

“Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health,” 15(82)


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