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The Deputy Principal: Professor R. Clive Landis


Professor R. Clive Landis (PhD, MSc, BSc) is an Immunology researcher with a proven track record of scientific publication, capacity building in the health-care sector and University administration.


His award-winning research has focused on the role of inflammation in the wound healing process, showing that runaway inflammation may account for impaired wound healing in diabetes and the systemic inflammatory response, a complication of heart surgery. Professor Landis has been invited to deliver distinguished lectures in this area in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.


Professor Landis earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Birmingham University, UK, in 1983, a Master of Science in Microbiology from Loyola University, Chicago, in 1986, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Immunology from Loyola University, Chicago, in 1990. He performed his postdoctoral studies at Cancer Research UK before receiving a Lectureship in Cardiovascular Medicine at Imperial College London in 1996.


In 2004, Dr. Landis relocated to Barbados and was appointed as Senior Lecturer at the Chronic Disease Research Centre (CDRC) where he founded the Edmund Cohen Laboratory for Vascular Research. By the time of its 10th Anniversary this laboratory was established as the leading vascular research laboratory of the Caribbean with 50 peer reviewed scientific publications. Dr. Landis was awarded a Chair in Cardiovascular Research in 2009 and was appointed Director of the CDRC in 2013.


Since joining The University of the West Indies, Professor Landis has taken leadership roles to help build national and regional capacity in the health care sector. He currently serves as Honorary Director of the Barbados Ministry of Health HIV laboratory, which he led to re-certification by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in 2013 and 2015. It should be noted that the government HIV laboratory thereby joins an elite club of just 340 laboratories outside of the USA to gain CAP accreditation, and the first in the Caribbean. Professor Landis chairs the National HIV/AIDS Commission (NHAC) research committee and he founded - and still serves as Chairman - of the Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Society (CCAS). CCAS is a registered charity that operates as a professional society, concerned with building laboratory and human resource capacity in the HIV sphere in the Caribbean.


Professor Landis has supervised 13 PhD students during his career at Imperial College and UWI and has put this experience of graduate supervision into an e-book “Getting Over the Thesis Barrier” published in 2013.



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