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Who we are
The Institute for Gender and Development Studies (IGDS) is a dynamic Unit within the University of the West Indies that is engaged in a programme of teaching, research and outreach in the areas of gender, feminism, sexuality studies and masculinity studies in the Caribbean. The mission of IGDS is to produce and disseminate knowledge to transform gender relations in the Caribbean in support of the UWI’s mission to enhance regional and international development.
What we offer
The Nita Barrow Unit boasts a very efficient staff with academics and professionals whose research and teaching experience range in the various fields of political science, sociology, law, administration, methodology, history, feminisms, gender and masculinity studies.
What we do
At the undergraduate level the Institute offers a number of courses from which students can choose every semester. At the graduate level, interested students must contact the Institute to be informed of the new intake which comes around every two years. The next intake of graduate students will begin their graduate programme in the academic year 2016/2017.




IGDS History

IGDS was originally established as the Centre for Gender and Development Studies (CGDS) in 1993... Read more


" Feminists must position themselves within a space that questions the compulsory heterosexuality promoted by Church and nation-state, which undermines economic and social gains women have made. We must question the extent to which gains that women have made exist within a heterosexist matrix in which women's sexed bodies are used and reused. Finally, we must ask whether the fight should be for equality between genders, or for a destruction of sexual and gender categories all together. The women's movement in the Caribbean must question whether or not the rights they hold so dear, are rights that actually maintain and reinforce colonial constructions of woman and man."
When the Closet is a Region- Homophobia, Heterosexism and Nationalism in the Caribbean, Tara Atluri

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