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Student Financing

Financial Aid Undergraduate Students

Application Period

December 13th- 31st , 2021

Who can Apply

The Cave Hill Campus Financial Aid Programme offers Partial Tuition Fee Waivers to ALL undergraduate students who are nationals of the Caribbean Community. Persons must be enrolled at the Cave Hill Campus for the academic year for which they are seeking financial assistance and must be in good academic standing.  

The Financial Aid Programme assists students who have already exhausted other options for payment of their tuition fees and can demonstrate financial need.

Value of the Award

The Partial Tuition Fee Waiver IS NOT a cash award and DOES NOT APPLY to economic costs.
The maximum grant for any one student will be BBD $3000 per semester, based on the Faculty in which they are registered.

An eligible student being considered for financial aid, who has received an award from another source that does not fully cover their tuition fees, may only receive financial aid relative to the outstanding balance. Persons who already have full scholarships covering their tuition costs would not be considered. 

Duration of the Award

The award is granted for one academic year and is applied each semester.  Students who wish to be considered for the award another year may reapply for the award in a subsequent application.


Awardees will be selected by the Financial Aid Committee for recommendation to the Campus Principal for approval.   


For the Partial Tuition Fee Waiver applicants must be nationals of the Caribbean Community:

  1. Who are enrolled in full-time or part-time study to read for a three or four-year undergraduate degree programme in any discipline offered at the Cave Hill Campus. Funding will not be available to persons enrolled in self-financing programmes.
  2. Have a household income of less than Bds $25,000.00.  In cases where more than one member of the household is a registered student at the Cave Hill Campus a maximum household income of Bds$40,000 will be considered.
  3. Priority will be given to persons who are undertaking their first undergraduate degree.  
  4. Academic records will be considered.

Conditions of Scholarship

  1. Volunteer Service   
    • Successful applicants should note that completion of 20 hours volunteer service each semester is required.
    • Volunteer service is a non-negotiable condition of every award. Volunteer service is coordinated by the Office of Student Services.
    • Further information may be obtained from the Office of Student Services at (246)-417-4165 or email
  2. Continuation of the Award       
    • Partial Tuition Fee Waivers are granted for a year and are applied on a semester basis.
    • Conditions of continuation of the award is subject to verification of a GPA of 2.0 or higher in the first semester and verification of completion of the stipulated hours of the volunteer service.
  3. Acceptance of the Award                                                                                                                                                                                        Candidates must accept the award and conditions of the Award in writing.

How to Apply

Application Forms will be available on the Financial Aid website and are to be submitted online. You will be required to upload all supporting documents before submitting your application.
To access our online application please click on the link below.
Financial Aid Application Form 

Before being granted a Tuition Fee Waiver students MUST provide proof of application to all other sources for assistance with their tuition fees, including scholarships, grants, loans and awards from their respective local governments. 

Applicants may be required to meet with an officer in the Office of Student Services as part of the assessment process.
Further information may be obtained from the Office of Student Services at (246)-417-4165 or email You can also submit your questions or queries to
Incomplete applications will not be processed

Notification of Award

Students who are awarded the Tuition Waiver Fee will be notified by email.  Only successful applicants will be notified. 
To access our online application please click on the link below.
Financial Aid Application Form