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Travelling Information


Download the Pre-arrival Guide Here

Immigration and Visa Information

You will need to present your letter of acceptance sent to you by the Admissions Office to the Immigration authority to enter Barbados. Students from some countries will also require a Visitor’s Visa for entry. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with Barbados’ immigration rules. Please refer to to check whether you require a Visitor’s Visa to enter Barbados and, if so, how to apply.
All persons coming to Barbados to study are required to apply for a Student Visa before arriving in the country.  Application forms must be submitted through The UWI Cave Hill Admissions Office (for regular degree programmes) or the International Office (for Student Exchnage or Study Abroad progrmmes), to reach the Barbados Immigration Department at least three (3) months before the start of your programme.
The original H1 and H2 visa application forms must be submitted along with the following:
  • One (1) H1 application form
  • One (1) H2 application form
  • Birth Certificate (shows parents' names). If not in English an English Translation is required.
  • A copy of the bio-data page of the applicant's valid passport
  • one (1) passport sized photograph,
  • Letter of financial support 
  • the visa application fee – Bds$300.000 or US$150.00 equivalent. 
  • proof of travel,
Visa Application Forms
You may download the H1 and H2 application forms and obtain further information on the visa application process from:
Student Visas are issued for a maximum of 12 months. If your program requires you be in Barbados beyond the expiry date on your student visa, you need to submit an extension form at least two months before your visa expires.
Work permits — International students are not permitted to work in Barbados, except for limited hours on campus .


Arranging Accommodation

On Campus

As an International Student you have the option of apply for on-campus accommodation in one of three Halls of Residence.  Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis. Applications for on-campus accommodation are made via submission of the relevant form to the Office of the Halls Administrator who will contact students directly to indicate whether an application is successful. 

Accommodation in the Halls of Residence consists of furnished single bedrooms with shared living, kitchen and bathroom facilities.  Students are required to provide their bed linens, utensils and other equipment.

Visit for further details of on-campus accommodation and to download the application form.


Off- Campus Accommodation

The Campus maintains a list of approved off-campus accommodation for students who prefer to reside off campus or those not allocated a place in a Hall of residence.  Assistance in locating off-campus accommodation is provided by the Accommodations Assistant, Mr. Creighton Brathwaite (email: However, negotiation of contracts and all final arrangements must be made between the students and the landlords, or settled among students who opt to share the cost of rented houses on a cooperative basis.

Further information on off-campus housing including descriptions, photographs, and locations is available at


Online Pre-Arrival Webinars

The Student Enrolment and Retention Unit (SERU) offers webinars as part of the preparation process for International Students enrolling at the Campus. These webinars provide opportunities for the university to ensure that incoming International Students are provided with all the information they need and allows students to have any questions or uncertainties clarified. To view the dates and times and to register for a Pre-arrival webinar click HERE.


Student Services and Development

The Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) provides a range of orientation, settling in and support services for International Students.  These include:
  • Mandatory Orientation
  • Peer Mentorship
  • First Year Experience
  • Medical Insurance
Mandatory Orientation
All international students are required to attend a MANDATORY International Student Orientation Session conducted by the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) in collaboration with the SERU International Office. As an International student you will be required to attend this session even if you have attended any of the other academic, departmental, or Campus-wide orientation sessions. 
International Peer Mentor
As a new international student we know you may have many questions about life and living in a new country, and settling into the Campus Community.  Peer mentors are senior students who have travelled your path before and can assist you as you adjust to your new environment.  You may either contact one of the listed peer mentors yourself, or contact the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) and request that a Peer Mentor be assigned to you.  
To request a Peer Mentor click HERE
First Year Experience
The Strictly First Year Experience (FYE) provides a wonderful opportunity for new local, regional and international students to meet, socialise and bond on a weekly basis while developing a range of academic, social and personal development skills.  This is only one of the many programmes and services provided for students by the Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD).  Others include career services, health and wellness, and services for students with disabilities.
Visit the OSSD website at to learn more about the many services available to you.

Medical Insurance

All fully registered students are automatically joined to the Campus Medical Assistance Programme.  This is a Comprehensive Major Medical Plan which will assist in the payment of expenses for serious illnesses or accidents. The plan covers expenses associated with most medical conditions. Reimbursement will be made for eligible expenses up to the maximum benefit.  The plan does not cover the following:
  • Dental or Vision Care
  • Maternity Benefits
  • Preventative Care
Coverage under the health insurance plan is limited to the Caribbean Region.
For further details on the Health Insurance Plan visit:


Contact us for further information:
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