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How to Apply

So you are thinking of participating in the Student Exchange Programme. 

Before you submit an application, consider the following:

  • Why do you wish to be considered for an exchange programme? (Personal and Academic reasons).
  • What have you done to prepare yourself to live in a culture different than your own? How do you think you will cope with the differences?  
  • Consider your academic reasons for selecting the university and potential courses.
  • Living overseas and being away from family and friends can be stressful. Are you ready to live on your own?


Before You Apply

  • Research the available exchange destinations and decide which universities you are most interested in attending. Consider language requirements, living costs, and course availability in your field. 
  • For all exchange programmes undergraduate students need a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in order to apply. The required GPA will include all of your grades for your completed courses up to the date of your application.
  • Graduate students are required to obtain written permission from their Departmental Head and Dean which must be submitted to the Campus Coordinator, School for Graduate Studies and Research for final approval before they contact the International Office. Research students must identify a supervisor at their proposed host institution and submit a research proposal.
  • Students registered in the Faculty of Medicine should consult your Faculty for study abroad opportunities. 

Application Process

  1. Browse the websites of partner institutions for information relating to your programme.
  2. Undergraduate students should complete the Study Abroad Form [PDF] and submit it to your Departmental Head and Dean  for signature.  Note that courses you choose must be approved for credit towards your degree.
  3. Submit the Form and a statement indicating your reasons for going on exchange and how the programme will be of benefit to you, to the Director, International Office by January 31st of the academic year preceeding the academic year of exchange.
  4. Graduate students should seek permission in writing from their Departmental Head and Dean which should be approved by the Campus Coordinator, School for Graduate Studies and Research. Research students must identify a supervisor at the host university and submit an approved research proposal.



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