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Faculty of Science and Technology

Postgraduate Programmes

Full-time and Part-Time Masters (MSc.) and Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip.) programmes are offered in the Departments of Biological & Chemical Sciences; Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics and the Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES) in many subject areas.  

Science graduates can also register for any of the following Research Degrees (MPhil. and PhD.) based on their research interest and the availability of supervision:
  • MPhil./PhD. in Biochemistry/Biology/Chemistry/Ecology/Microbiology (through the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences)
  • MPhil./PhD. in Computer Science/Electronics/Mathematics/Physics (through the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics)
  • MPhil./PhD. in Hydrogeology/Meteorology (through the Faculty of Science and Technology Faculty Office)
  • MPhil./PhD. in Natural Resource Management (through CERMES)

Below is a list of the Postgraduate Diplomas (PgDip.) and Masters (MSc.) programmes offered through the Faculty:
BioSafety - MSc./PgDip.
This programme in Biosafety is tailored to meet the demand for Biosafety expertise to control potential risks associated with the use of modern biotechnology products in trade, and to promote the benefits, awareness and understanding of modern biotechnology in the region.  The programme is delivered in a blended learning format, consisting of a mixture of online and face-to-face modes of delivery for several courses.  Click here for more information about this programme.
Computing Research - MSc

The MSc. Computing Research programme is a specially crafted research degree comprising a customisable taught component, followed by a research paper.  This programme begins by providing students with a solid foundation in their research area through the taught component of the programme.  Students can customise their foundation by pursuing courses in e-business, mobile applications, gaming, technology entrepreneurship or any combination of these areas.  Students may pursue research in a wide number of areas including:  e-business, e-commerce, mobile application development, gaming, technology entrepreneurship, user interface design, software engineering or a related area.  Click here for more information about this programme.
Information Technology - MSc./PgDip.

This programme offers specializations in Enterprise Systems, Mobile Applications and Web Development, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology.  The courses to be covered in this programme include:  Android Development, Advance Software Engineering, Advanced Web Technologies, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Systems Administration, just to name a few.  For further information on the Masters (MSc.) and/or Postgraduate Diploma programme in Information Technology, go to   
Natural Resource and Environmental Management - MSc.

The MSc. in Natural Resource and Environmental Management programme seeks to provide graduate students with advanced training in techniques, mechanisms and policies for sustainable use and management of natural resources in the Caribbean.  Click here for more information about this programme.
Renewable Energy Management - MSc.

This programme responds to current regional and global imperatives with respect to the fluctuating price of fossil fuels and the cost to the environment of their use.  The energy sector is a critical sector for the Caribbean region and, in most cases, represents a major source of economic vulnerability - all other forms of economic activity hinge upon having a reliable and cost effective energy supply.  Improvements are required in the capacity of the human resource to properly manage the more efficient use of energy, and facilitate the uptake rate of renewable energy technologies.  Improved technical expertise in the implementation of renewable energy technologies into the existing energy framework is required in order to make the essential transition to utilizing indigenous and often plentiful renewable energy resources.  Click here for more information about this programme.
Technology Entrepreneurship - MSc./PgDip.

This programme aims to train entrepreneurs in the creation of high-technology products and methods of taking these products to market.  The programme fuses the areas of application development, e-business and technology entrepreneurship in a new and creative way poised to meet the emerging needs of the Caribbean region.  Click here for more information about this programme.
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