Graduate programmes: MSc in Natural resource and environmental management

The MSc in Natural resource and environmental management is a taught programme comprising several streams:
  • Coastal and Marine Resource Management
  • Climate Change
  • Water Resources Management
The objective of this Programme is to contribute to sustainable development by training professionals in environmental and natural resource management.

Programme Overview

The Programme seeks to provide graduate students with advanced training in techniques, mechanisms and policies for sustainable use and management of natural resources with emphasis on the Caribbean.

The Programme is delivered in a maximum of 14 months. This includes a ten-month period for course delivery and examination, and a four month period for the Research Project. Courses are taught as two to three week modules with examination following the completion of each module.

The MSc consists of seven CERMES core courses, three specialisation streams of four courses each and a research paper (see Student Handbook).

In Semester I, four courses are delivered concurrently in a semester long format interspersed with two week modules. In Semester II courses are delivered as two to three week modules. Where applicable, a written examination will follow the completion of the courses in both semesters.

All core courses are worth three credits each and consist of 24 hours of lectures and an average of 12 hours of practical work. Specialisation courses are worth four credits each and consist of 36 hours of lectures and an average of 18 hours of practical work. The research paper is worth eight credits. Students must therefore obtain a total of 45-46 credits as follows:
  • 37-38 credits from courses
  • 8 credits from the research paper
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ENVT 6000  Concepts and issues for environmental managers  3
ENVT 6001  Introduction to environmental planning and management*  3
ENVT 6002  Professional skills for environmental managers  3
ENVT 6100  Environmental impact assessment 3
ENVT 6101  Geographic informatics for environmental managment 3
ENVT 6102 Resource economics* 3
ENVT 6003 Field skills study 2
ENVT 6120  Measurement and analysis in natural resource management 3
 ENVT 6122 Fisheries biology and management 4
 ENVT 6123 Sustainable tourism in the coastal zone 4
 ENVT 6126 Coastal dynamics and management 4
 ENVT 6127 Ecology and management of coral reef ecosystems 4
ENVT 6130  Climate dynamics and modelling 4
ENVT 6131  Policy response to climate change 4
ENVT 6132  Vulnerability to climate change and impact assessment 4
ENVT 6133  Climate change impacts: mitigation and adaptation 4
ENVT 6200 Hydrology 4
ENVT 6210 Groundwater resources 4
ENVT 6220 Water and wastewater management 4
ENVT 6230 Water management and the environment 4
ENVT 6900 Research project (July – October) 8
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