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Faculty of Social Sciences

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology


Mphil/PhD Research Degrees

About the Programme

Thesis Proposal

Candidates are required to present and defend a Thesis Proposal of acceptable scope and quality for the degree. The Thesis must follow the guidelines set out in the documentation provided by the School for Graduate Studies and Research. Candidates should also determine whether the materials for the thesis, or a substantial part thereof, are available either in the Main Library at Cave Hill or elsewhere locally or regionally. The candidate should also determine whether it may be necessary to travel abroad in pursuit of these objectives and how the necessary financial support to accomplish this might be obtained. The Proposal, a minimum of five pages (double-spaced, excluding bibliography) should include the following information:
The working title of the thesis which may be subject to further revision or exact specification as your research proceeds. Note that, even at this stage, the goal should be to describe your project as clearly and as accurately as possible.
A definition of the subject agreed upon by both the candidate and the potential Supervisor. This should include a statement of the specific issue or ‘thesis’ to be investigated.
An account of the existing state of scholarship on the subject, a justification of the undertaking of such a project, as well as an indication of its potential contribution to knowledge in this area.
A tentative list of the divisions, phases or chapters into which the thesis will fall so far as the candidate can see them at this stage of his/her work.
A selective bibliography which should follow the guidelines prescribed by the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. The bibliography should adumbrate the primary sources (authors, texts, editions etc) and the chief secondary sources which bear most closely upon the subject. The Proposal should be formally sent to the Department’s Coordinator of Graduate Studies for review. Candidates will be informed in due course of the date of their defense after which candidates will be informed whether the Proposal has been accepted as is.
All requested revisions should be made promptly and the finished Proposal formally resubmitted to the Department’s Coordinator of Graduate Studies.

What Will I Study?

See Programme Structure below.


Facilities and Resources

Availability of Expertise and Resources

Admission is contingent upon candidates having a thesis proposal compatible with the expertise and resources available in the Department of Government, Sociology and Social Work.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Postgraduate
  • Qualification: MPhil/PhD
  • Duration: part time


Programme Details

Students in the MPhil and PhD degree programme are required to successfully:
1. Complete a minimum of six (6) credits of coursework for MPhil/nine (9) credits of coursework for PhD,
2. Present seminars (2 for MPhil/3 for PhD), and
3. Submit a thesis. Students in the MPhil and PhD degree programme should determine with their supervisor which courses would satisfy the credit requirements.

Courses should be completed in the first year.

Award of the Degree
The successful completion of the required coursework, the seminar presentations and the Thesis will lead to the award of the Degree.

MPhil Candidates require at least an Upper Second Class Honours degree with a strong background in the discipline into which entry is being sought. PhD candidates require at least an MPhil degree or its equivalent

Compulsory Seminar Presentations

For each seminar, candidates are required to write and present a paper to be photocopied and distributed before hand on a topic arising out of their research, as well as to field questions put to them afterwards.

Department of Government, Sociology, Social Work & Psychology
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