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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of History and Philosophy


BA History

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About the Programme

The BA Programme offers students a range of courses drawn from Barbados, the Caribbean, Latin America, the USA, Europe and Africa. On site tours to Great Houses, docks, slave markets, burial grounds and historic churches allow them to fully engage with the history. This is buttressed by introductory history and world history courses. The programme allows students to conduct historical investigation in a Caribbean topic under supervision by faculty. The programmes also places emphasis on research skills, oral and written communication and decision making.

What Will I Study?

Students will be exposed to:
  • Global Environmental history
  • History of medicine
  • The slave trade and slavery in the Caribbean and the USA
  • Latin American History
  • Business history of Barbados
  • Caribbean and international political developments since 1900
  • The black experience in the US and South Africa in the 20th century


Facilities and Resources

  • Archaeology lab
  • West Indian Collection in the Sidney Martin Library
  • Recordings of the Radio programme, Today in Bajan History


Research Projects:
  • UNESCO World Heritage project – the Industrial Heritage of Barbados: the Story of Sugar and Rum
  • Dictionary of Barbadian Biography
  • Oral History Project
  • Caribbean Heritage Network
  • Today in Bajan History
  • Re(w)riting History Project


Career Opportunities

The history major is an extremely versatile degree option because of the transferable skills that are acquired which are demand in organisations locally, regionally, and globally. The history programme, which involves research, essay writing and oral presentations, provides skills in problem solving, decision making and critical thinking. These skills, along with effective written and oral communication, provide the history graduate with a platform to enter careers in journalism, public relations, management, law, political science, education, and public administration.

  • Museums, libraries and heritage sites: Cultural and heritage manager,Archivist, Museum education officer, Archaeologist, Curator, Tour guide, Historic preservation specialist, Librarian
  • Business and Commerce: Corporate historian, Social media manager, Content editor, HR manager, Public relations officer, Marketing officer, Communications officer, Records manager, Office manager, Administrative assistant, Event planner, Supply chain manager
  • Researcher: Genealogical research, Research assistant, Research analyst, Media researcher
  • Writer: Author, Editor, Script writer, Documentary producer, Public advocate, Contract historian, Journalist
  •  Politics and Government: Political campaign manager, Records manager, Diplomat, Public affairs specialist, Policy advisor, Intelligence officer, Teacher, Cultural resource manager
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Why Study in Barbados

Our degree is internationally recognized and our graduates are accepted at universities worldwide. We offer a quality learning environment with small class sizes taught by full-time international faculty in an island replete with historic houses and museums, a slave burial ground, and libraries which house historical material dating back to the 17th century.

We welcome local, international and regional students.

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: BA
  • Duration: 3 Years (Minimum)


Programme Details

To satisfy the Major Requirements, you must complete at least twelve (12) three-credit History courses offered by the Department, for a total of 36 credits. The additional 54 credits for the award of the degree will comprise Faculty requirements and electives for a total of 90 credits (30 at each level):

Level I (10 courses/30 credits)

Major Requirements:

1. HIST1601 Atlantic World 1400-1600
2. HIST1602 Atlantic World 1600-1800
3. HIST1703 Introduction to History
Faculty Requirements:
4. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes**
5. Either FOUN1002 Language Argument OR FOUN1003 Rhetoric I: The Writing Process
6. Foreign Language (if applicable***). If Foreign Language is not required, chose one Humanities elective i.e. a course offered within the Faculty of Humanities and Education other than History.
7. One Humanities elective i.e. a course offered within the Faculty of Humanities and Education other than History.
8-10. Three Level I Electives
Total: 10 courses (30 credits) at Level I
* Prerequisite: Grade 1 CXC English Language or equivalent; OR a pass in the English Proficiency Test. Students who do not have the prerequisite are required to pass the remedial course FOUN0100 Fundamentals of Written English before registering for the Language Foundation Courses.
** Please note that students who possess CAPE Communications at Grade I may be exempted from taking FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes. However, you are advised that this is not for credit and you will be required to take another Level I course to make up the 10 courses.
*** The Foreign Language Requirement applies to students who do not have a CXC pass at grades 1 or 2 or a grade 3 from July 1998) in a foreign language, in which case they must register for one of the basic courses in French or Spanish or Portuguese.

Level II (10 courses/30 credits)

Major Requirements:
1. HIST2003 History of the West Indies I
2. HIST2004 History of the West Indies II
3. HIST2900 Research Methods in History
4-5. Plus two (2) Level II History (HIST) courses.
Faculty Requirements:
6. FOUN1210 Science, Technology and Medicine in the Twentieth Century.
7. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Society and Economy in the Caribbean.
8-10. Three (3) Level II Electives.
Total: 10 courses (30 credits) at Level II

Level III (10 courses/30 credits)

Major Requirements:
1-4. Any four (4) Level III History (HIST) courses.
Faculty Requirements:
5-6. HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies (6 credits).
7-10. Four (4) Level III Electives
Total: 10 courses (30 credits) at Level III

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