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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Diandra Nicholas  (Barbados)



Studying Psychology was the best decision I have made; it taught me to not be quick in judging people and to give people chances. I am a very organized and creative individual and doing presentations allowed me to work on my leadership skills, working with others and managing my time.  

My best memories of Cave Hill were from working with the Secondary School Children at the UWI 101: Experience the University Life Programme. Teenagers sometimes just need someone to take time to listen to them, we may not always want to listen to all teenagers but from that experience I was able to work on my patience and I sure did have time to laugh which helped when I was not at my best.

I also volunteered at The Biennial Conference of the UWI Schools of Education. I was able to network and gain lots of information from leaders from all over the region that can help with my future career goals. One main thing that stood out with me while being at UWI is that everyone's experiences are different and that you should never let anyone tell you, you cannot do something.

Many thanks to the lecturers that taught me and were very supportive where necessary - this is the reason I was able to experience the best memories at UWI!

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