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Diploma in Education (Primary)

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About the Programme

The Diploma in Education (Primary) is an in-service, part-time training programme for University graduates who teach at the primary level and who have had no previous professional training.

The programme seeks to provide participants with a sound foundation in the theory and practice of education and enhance their personal and professional growth.  This programme is therefore critical, since no other programme currently exists that is designed to meet the training needs of the target group.

What Will I Study?

The programme seeks to help Primary school teachers:
  • Develop an understanding of Caribbean education systems and procedures and their implications for classroom
  • Develop a clear understanding of the philosophical, sociological and psychological underpinnings which impact significantly on the delivery of education at the primary level
  • Identify the instructional needs of individuals and groups of children, including those with special needs, and design instructional programmes to cater to these needs
  • Acquire an understanding of, and practise with competence, a variety of child-centred techniques which make for effective teaching at the primary level

At a Glance

  • Degree Level: Undergraduate
  • Qualification: Diploma
  • Duration: 1 year


Programme Details

The Diploma in Education (Primary) programme is divided into the following components: Education Foundations, Teaching Methods, and Practice of Education.
  • Education Foundations
The courses in this section include Introduction to Sociology of EducationCurriculumFoundations in Educational PsychologyResearch and Measurement, and Planning and Instruction.
  • Methods in Education 
The Methods section assists the teacher in acquiring pertinent knowledge, desirable attitudes and relevant skills that would facilitate the practical application of teaching methods in their respective classrooms. This section, therefore, includes: The Teaching of Social StudiesThe Teaching of Language Arts, The Teaching of Mathematics, and The Teaching of Science.
  • The Practice of Education 
Participants must demonstrate their ability to deliver instruction in a range of subject disciplines taught at the Primary level. Therefore, it is essential for them to engage in a supervised Teaching Practicum. This exercise affords them the opportunity to apply theory to practice.

Applicants MUST have a university degree.

If you have any questions about the Diploma in Education (Primary), please contact the or call 246-417-4426.