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Sargassum : Webinars

Welcome to the Sargassum webinar repository. Please click the links below to review the content.

Sargassum social science in the caribbean: contributions, challenges and way forward
Date: 24 May, 2023
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Video recording


Introductions (YouTube only)
Presenter - Patrick McConney

Documenting the disruption of ways of life in relation to sargassum
Presenter - Florence Ménez
[YouTube segment] [pdf download]

Whose beach paradise? Governing sargassum in mexico
Presenter - Dr. Laura McAdam-Otto, Goethe University Frankfurt
[YouTube segment] [pdf download]

Understanding the impacts of sargassum on tourism:An overview of methods and some preliminary results from Barbados
Presenter - Peter W. Schuhmann
[YouTube segment] [pdf download]

“The Voice of the Invisible”: Assessing community vulnerability to pelagic sargassum influxes – a participatory approach
Presenter - Bethia Thomas
[YouTube segment] [pdf download]

Open disscussion with participants (YouTube only)
Moderator - Janice Cumberbatch

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