Tools and Guidance
CERMES has produced guidance materials for fishers, a 2015 management brief and has been working with CC4FISH countries on the development of national sargassum management plans.  We plan to add to these materials through the work of the SargAdapt project.

Coming soon!
More tools and  guidance materials to follow soon.

Sargassum Adaptive Management Strategy (SAMS)
Draft - Barbados SAMS Volume 01 Draft - Barbados SAMS Volume 02  

CC4FISH Outputs
Best Practice Guide for Caribbean Fishers Coping with Sargassum Report on the development of a best practice guide for Caribbean fishers coping with sargassum influx events

Advanced Draft -Sargassum Uses Guide

Summary report on the review of draft national sargassum plans for four countries in the Eastern Caribbean    

2015 Management Brief
UWI Sargassum Management Brief 2015 GCFI Timely Guidance for Hotels and Resorts on the Sargassum Influx