Cave Hill Law-Washburn Law Summer Programme
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The Cave Hill Faculty of Law partners with the Washburn School of Law to offer a summer study programme at the Cave Hill Campus.  The program uses a comparative model and takes advantage of co-teaching by the University of the West Indies and Washburn Law Faculty members.  The student body is composed of students from both the University of the West Indies and Washburn Law. Washburn students may earn six hours of academic credit; Cave Hill students may obtain three Level III credits per course.

Specific courses in the summer progamme vary from year to year. The curriculum utilises both traditional classroom methods and site visits to observe relevant legal institutions in action. Students have found that the opportunity to study law in the summer study programme not only enhances their legal studies, but enables them to learn about and enjoy the rich heritages of both Caribbean and American cultures and legal traditions.

Course Descriptions

Courses offered for the 2017 program are:

  • Comparative Constitutional Law
  • Comparative Trade Law

Comparative Constitutional Law

Professors David Rubenstein and Westmin James (3 credits, May 22-June 8).

The objectives of this class are to analyze and compare the constitutions of the United States and the nations that make up the Commonwealth Caribbean, as well as representative constitutions from other countries, to discuss “best practices” in constitutional law, and to examine the way that each of these constitutions address these practices. Specific areas of concentration include constitutional formation, the role of the judiciary and judicial process, the separation of powers, the protection of rights, equal protection of the laws, and criminal punishment.

Comparative Trade Law

Professors Ali Khan and Hans Mahncke (3 credits, June 12-29).

This course provides a comparative legal perspective on international trade and finance law. The course introduces students to the trade and finance law regimes of the United States and of the Commonwealth Caribbean, as well as representative legal regimes from other parts of the world. In as far as these regimes are based on international agreements or model laws (WTO agreements and UNCITRAL Model Laws), the course examines commonalities and differences in how these agreements are interpreted and implemented in the United States, the Commonwealth Caribbean, and other representative jurisdictions. The course also introduces students to dispute settlement in the areas of international trade and finance law. (No prior courses in Trade Law are required.)

Cave Hill students may enrol in one, or both, courses depending upon spaces.  Cave Hill tuition is payed at the usual summer school rate.
Classes meet from 9:00 am-1:10 pm, Monday through Thursday, with a thirty-minute break. There are no classes on Fridays or over the weekend.
Please see the Washburn site for further information about the Washburn School of Law and previous summer programmes:
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