Sea Turtle Project
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This activity provides students with an introduction to the different components of a long-running monitoring and conservation programme for an endangered species. The aims of the activity are to provide hands-on training in data collection on marine turtles and their habitats, and to develop skills to implement the actions necessary to conserve them.  Students will be exposed to both the biological (i.e. data required to inform scientifically sound conservation actions) and sociological (i.e. effective engagement of stakeholders - Government agencies, hotel staff, visitors, and fisher folk) aspects of conservation.  Students will gain skills and experience in survey methodologies, in actions designed to alleviate threats to sea turtles, and effective communication with stakeholders.


3 credit hours (Registration will occur in Semester I but permission to register will be based on satisfactory fieldwork - consisting of a minimum of two 8-hr sessions per week (8pm-4am and/or 8am-4pm) - conducted over 8 weeks between June 1 and August 31 in the previous summer.


One 8-hr session per week (8pm-4am and/or 8am-4pm) will continue after registration for the first 4 weeks of Semester I).   

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