Mental health is key to your Academic Success!
RAPS & PACE: A series of workshops designed to enhance your academic persistence and achievement.

MIND Wellness Series: A series of wellness workshops focusing on aspects of mental health and ways that can help you to promote your own mental wellbeing.

Title Date Time Description Link             
Discovering ME March 9 1:00 pm Are you on a journey to self-discovery and self-identity?  Mr. Jomo Phillips will help you identify some of the road stops along this journey.
Maximize your Time, Increase your Output March 9 2:00 pm Managing and maximizing your time, can help to reduce anxiety and increase your output. Join this session to learn more.
Managing Low Mood and Anxiety March 16 1:00 pm Depression and anxiety are common in young adulthood; including university students.
Join this conversation with Mr. Jomo Phillips to discuss strategies that persons can learn to help manage anxiety and depression.
Study Smarter not Harder March 16 2:00 pm Practicing effective study skills can help you to succeed at university. Join Mrs.  Tracia Agard- Thompson as we explore how to study smarter, not harder.
Grit & Growth Mindset – The missing piece of the puzzle to motivation March 17 1:00 pm The determination to persevere is a critical skill that helps us to face our challenges head on. Our presenters will discuss how our attitude, beliefs, behaviours and thoughts shape your success. Ms Dale Lynch and Dr Jacqueline Benn will guide this conversation.
Taking Effective Notes March 23 2:00 pm Good notes are essential to studying, learning and good academic outcomes. In this session, Mrs. Tracia Agard-Thompson will share tips on how to take effective notes.
Substance Misuse – How It Affects Your Academic
March 23 5:00 pm Substance misuse is often used as a coping mechanism but it can negatively impact academic endeavours. Join Ms Renee Harding as she explores effective coping strategies.
Reading Effectively March 30 2:00 pm Effective reading is a critical skill for university students. In this session, Mrs. Tracia Agard- Thompson will share tips on how to read for comprehension and effectively use  other learning resources.
Managing Self to Manage My Stress March 31 1:00 pm We can learn how to better manage our selves to manage our time and lessen our sense of stress. Dr Jacqueline Benn will facilitate this discussion.
Revision Strategies April 6 2:00 pm Effective revision strategies are essential to preparing for your final exams. In this session, Mrs. Tracia Agard-Thompson  explores strategies for revision.

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