Volunteeer Opportunities
As a volunteer you are expected to:

Whether or not you have lots of free time, the Office of Student Services has a wide variety of opportunities. For example, you can look for volunteering related to:

  • Children &  young people

  • Homeless

  • Conservation &  the environment

  • Animals

  • Health

You may wish to volunteer on a long-term basis with charity or cause that is close to your heart, committing a few hours a week and becoming part of that organization. Alternatively you may choose to volunteer on an ad hoc basis by helping out at charity events, such as fun walks or raising money at events.
However you volunteer, by donating some of your free time you can gain a great sense of achievement, meet new people, develop skills and have lots of fun.
Please follow these steps in our How to get involved section before contacting any of the listed nonprofit organizations or departments on campus.
Please see our current list of Volunteer opportunities


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