World of Work 2023


The annual World of Work events offer a space for recruiters, alumni and students to interact. Students and those new to the workforce gain tangible insights on their career plan through workshops, recruitment conversations and interviews. The theme for this year is "Building Brand You."


Mini Interviews April 17-18, 2023

Mini interviews will occur in a hybrid format on Monday, April 17 and Tuesday, April 18, 2023.

These 30-45 minute sessions are designed to allow students and recent alumni to:

  • Practice interview skills and
  • Gain feedback from a seasoned professional on their resume, professional attire and
  • Job Search/ Career Plan

Interviewer Registration
Click here to register to serve as an interviewer for our mini interviews

Student Registration
Students who are interested in practicing their interview skills can sign up here

Hybrid Professional Development Seminars April 19, 2023
Given that some students and recruiters may be unable to make it to campus. Also, to allow for stakeholders that are based in the region and further afield to participate in professional development activities, hybrid seminars are the focus of April 19, 2023.

To host a hybrid seminar or virtually offer recruitment presentations to students send an email to Dr. Don-Marie Holder at or telephone (246) 230-9208. Registration closes March 20, 2023

Look out for individual posters via OSSD social spaces and your campus email.


Event Title Host Time Location Registration Details
Get Job Ready Now with NTI! National Transformation Initiative Tuesday, April 18 at 6:00 pm Zoom Learn about NTI and how we can get you job ready when you join our Zoom forum onTuesday April 18 at 6:00 pm for tips and courses on how to manage in the world of work. Check our link for a sample of our job ready courses here:   

Zoom link: 
Careers in Heritage Barbados Museum and Historical Society Wednesday, April 19

Meeting ID: 981 9007 6513    Passcode: heritage
Shape an Impactful Career With the IDB InterAmerican Development Bank Wednesday, April 19

10:00AM-11:30 AM

Jacqueline Wade Conference Room

Limited Seating 
Meeting ID: 957 0350 2408    Passcode: IDBLIVE
What Can I Do With a Liberal Arts/ Humanities Degree? Barbados Museum and Historical Society Wednesday, April 19


Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 999 9386 8597
Passcode: 940621
Succeeding in a Job Interview: Breaking down the aspects that make a good interview InterAmerican Development Bank Wednesday, April 19

1:30-3:00 pm
Jacqueline Wade Conference Room

Limited Seating 
Meeting ID: 933 3381 3028    Passcode: IDBOSSD2
Professional Journeys in Business Collaboration ICAB, IIA, CFA and ACCA Caribbean Wednesday, April 19


Meeting ID: 984 9772 3815


The Job Fair April 20, 2023

The Job Fair is a one-day event hosted by the Office of Student Services and Development to connect job seekers with employers.
This forms part of our annual World of Work events which includes Career workshops and conversations that occur leading up to and throughout the day of the Fair.
The event is open to UWI undergraduate and graduate students and recent alumni. The theme for this year is "Building Brand You." Below you will find Fair details, participating companies and their websites as well as preparation tips for before, during and after the Fair.

When is it? Semester II
Date: April 20, 2023
Time: 11 am - 3 pm

Where is it? The UWI Cave Hill Campus

Information for Employers

Join us on the journey to support students and recent alumni to Build Brand You! Whether you are a large corporation, medium size enterprise there is a way that our students can collaborate to answer at least one of your organisation's goals. So partner with us!
Participating recruiters and alumni represent industries including tourism, tax, organisational development, heritage management, security, defense and technology and organisations like Deloitte, and Harris Paints.

To register click

Registration closes March 20, 2023

Information for Students 

All UWI undergraduates, graduate students, and recent alumni. Level II and Level III students, are especially encouraged to attend!

Job Fairs are the best opportunity to make connections with recruiters who make hiring decisions. Many firms have summer internships that are a first step to employment in the firm. This is a unique opportunity for you to talk with recruiters face to face and ask questions about their companies and the positions they have available. Come impress the recruiters with your intelligence, experience and keenness!

Why attend?

  • Expand your knowledge about career options
  • Explore different fields and career paths
  • Meet and talk to representatives from a wide range of industries 
  • Gain valuable interview experience and job search advice from seasoned professionals
  • Find out about available positions and submit your resume in person to company recruiters
  • Develop your network of contacts
  • Many companies will also have technical and professional staff members (many of whom may be UWI alums), affording students the opportunity to gain insight into company-related research endeavours.

Graduate Students

Even if you are not looking for employment at this time, you can still ask recruiters questions about the company, learn tips about their hiring process, find out about their employment opportunities and benefits, and get a sense if such positions are appealing to you.

Job Fairs are a great way at any time in your graduate training to learn more about your options. It is never too early to start networking with employers. If you are interested in careers outside of academia,

You have spent many years on your graduate education and the more exploring you do, the easier it will be to find something that suits your skills and interests. You can also use this opportunity to ask about internships.

Pursuing an internship for the summer after you get your degree is an option. Note that you would need to confer with your programme coordinator/ academic advisor to determine if it is possible to take time off during the summer or academic term during your graduate work in order to do this.

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Job Fair

Job Fairs are a great chance to network with employers and learn about potential jobs and internships. The Office of Student Services and Development coordinates many on-campus recruitment activities during both semester I and semester II. You are encouraged to lookout for other industry specific fairs or showcases that are open to the general public. Industry blogs and websites are two sources of these events.

Schedule an appointment with the Career Counselling Specialist in the Office of Student Services and Development for guidance.
• Join the resume clinic
Review organizations that you are interested in and do some research on company culture, values and mission.
Prepare your resume & elevator pitch.
Prepare your space. Find a quiet and neutral background. Test your internet, sound and camera.
Have your LinkedIn profile ready.
Command your space. Deliver your Pitch.
Dress appropriately for video and in person interviews.
Set priorities on which organizations you would like to visit.
Be mindful of your body language. Smile and make direct contact with your video camera.
Find a quiet and neutral background. Test your internet, sound and camera.
Speak clearly, slowly and with confidence.
Take notes, contact information and websites.
Send thank you notes to the recruiters of the companies you were most interested in within a few days.
Make new connections with interested companies/recruiters on LinkedIn.
Consider starting with alumni either early, middle or seasoned professional level or family connections.
Continue informational interviewing while also checking job and internship listings on company websites, LinkedIn and the Office of Student Services and Development.

 For additional information contact: or (246) 417-4168.

2023 Exhibitors
Deloitte logo  
Viral Nation International Inc
Central Bank of Barbados KM2 Solutions Barbados      
Axcel Finance G & A Communications Inc    
Barbados Workers' Union UN World Food Programme  

Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Youth Affairs
Barbados Youth Advance Corp
Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme
Barbados Employment and Career Counselling Service  

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