Tips for mentors and mentees

Build Trust and Be Respectful 
Trust is one of the most essential components of the mentee-mentor relationship. Simple ways to build trust and show respect include: 
  • Keeping information confidential unless the mentor and mentee agree to do otherwise 
  • Always being well-mannered 
  • Completing tasks 
  • Having regard for each other’s time and commitment 
  • Establishing trust and respect can increase mentor’s confidence to create professional and developmental contacts for mentees 
Set Expectations 
It is important to discuss expectations for the mentorship programme. Four simple ways to manage expectations are: 
  • Establish a mutual agreement 
  • Identify clear roles and responsibilities in the mentee-mentor relationship 
  • Communicate and agree on these expectations 
  • Evaluate periodically as needed 
Set Goals 
Goals provide clarity on what needs to be achieved from the mentorship programme. Goals must be: 
  • SMART 
  • Clear 
  • Focused 
Be Committed 
Be mindful that the mentorship programme is a commitment. Commitment can be observed in the following ways: 
  • Regular communication 
  • Offering suggestions  
  • Offering feedback 
  • Meeting agreed goals 
  • Being punctual 
Be Open Minded 
Learning from each other can foster growth. Open-mindedness can be achieved through: 
  • Offering respectful and encouraging advice. 
  • Offering candid feedback. 
  • Listening attentively to and working on feedback given. 
  • Normalizing offering feedback. 
Have a Positive Attitude 
Stay positive throughout the entire experience. This is important. Simple ways to show gratitude include: 
  • Saying thank you 
  • Offering feedback about ways that you are growing 
  • Sharing ways in which the relationship has been helpful 
  • Sharing updated outcomes from relevant projects 

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