Benefits of Mentorship

Mentorship can offer great benefits to both mentor and mentee. It has the capacity to foster personal and professional development. Whether you are about to leave university to enter the world of work, you are thinking about changing your career, or giving back to your community, mentorship will provide you with skills that will help you in your overall career.

Benefits to Mentors
  • Opportunity to impart knowledge to another person. 
  • Opportunity to witness growth in another person’s professional development. 
  • Opportunity to give back through volunteering. 
  • Expand personal network. 
  • Enhancement of communication and interpersonal skills.  
  • Enhancement of leadership skills. 
  • Improved self-confidence. 
  • Improved self-awareness. 
  • Develop self-reflection. 
  • Acknowledgement of skills and expertise from peers.  
  • Experience new and different ideas. 
  • Improved CV. 
 Benefits to Mentees
  • Develop communication and interpersonal skills 
  • Expand professional network 
  • Gain knowledge from other persons. 
  • Gain new career experiences. 
  • Develop professional skills such as teamwork, leadership skills, problem solving, and time management. 
  • Improved self-confidence. 
  • Improved self-awareness.  
  • Improved focus on career goals and aspirations. 
  • Experience new and different ideas. 
  • Gain and give support.  
  • Gain sound and useful advice.  

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