Job Fair Tips

These are useful videos on the elevator pitch/speech:
The Career Fair (Elevator) Pitch
Speaking with recruiters at a Career Fair


This is a useful document on the elevator speech:

Elevator Speech


The Elevator Pitch in brief

Start with a quick introduction

(name, college, degree)

What are you seeking?

(career goals)


(“currently I am working for..”

Last summer I interned with...)

What can you offer?

(skills & how you would benefit an organisation)

Tips: Keep it short & simple!
        Practice your Elevator Pitch!


An example can be found in the document above.


The Student Business Card

 If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door - Milton Berle
When we see a business card we think of a professional offering a service or product of value. With the upcoming Job Fair just around the corner, it is of paramount importance for us to market ourselves with personalised business cards to represent our brand.
Why miss an opportunity to impress? How many times have you met someone who had the capacity to offer you an opportunity but you had no contact details at your fingertips?
Business cards are small, sleek and a smart start for any young professional. The fact that you took the time out to create something so convenient says a lot about you on initial contact.  It keeps you focused on the goal and allows an opening for follow up contact.
You never know when the opportunity that is just right for you will occur. It may be in the gym or even in an elevator, so you want to carry yourself impressively that you leave a positive feeling about your capabilities with that person.  
Carrying a few just like money in your wallet or in a pocket can carry you a far way and serves as a pathway to referral.  Below is an example of my business card, which shows my student status and my involvement in clubs to show I am passionate about things in my field and my own eagerness for development.

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