Caribbean Internship Project

The CIP is a graduate internship programme which takes place primarily during the summer.

The CIP:

  • helps to address the need for specialist skills in the social service sector (and NGO organisations) in the region’s governments
  • strengthens regionalism and
  • assists the learning and marketability of interns

Objectives of the CIP:

1)   To provide technical support to child and family agencies in diverse settings

2)   To provide for the transfer of skills to agencies

3)   To provide practical learning experiences for graduate students and recent graduates of  the UWI

Benefits of the CIP

Benefits to Intern

  • Personal -  development of new insights 
  • Professional - the ability to integrate and apply knowledge
  • Accreditation of the experience for some disciplines (social work, psychology, media, education)
  • Cultural - understanding and appreciating diverse interregional cultures
  • Economic – gainful employment for some interns
  • Improved marketability
  • Interns learn to work and live with others from across the wider Caribbean

Benefits to the UWI

  • CIP meets the mandate & strategic goals of the UWI: serving underserved communities, strengthening regionalism and contributing to social & economic development of the region
  • CIP enhances the process of teaching & learning by offering students and recent graduates an opportunity to practice newly acquired skills in a safe environment

Benefits to community, agencies and governments in the region

  • Successful community advocacy produces expansion of services e.g. Community Centre in Grenada
  • Technical assistance e.g. development of policy & procedure manual for the Family Court in St Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Exposure to new knowledge by agency personnel contributes to improved service standards
  • Graduates retained in the region
  • Agencies are made more aware of the importance of upgrading the qualification of staff
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