Self-paced Online Orientation: Now Available
We are pleased to announce that the self-paced Online Orientation is now available. Be sure to complete this activity before you attend the in person orientation session in the Cynthia Wilson Arts Lecture Theatre on January 9th, 2023.

Be reminded, the Online Orientation offers information about the institution's history and accomplishments as a higher education institution. This Online Orientation also consists of four interactive segments about the new student experience. Each of these segments offers an activity to help you reflect on your learning. You will earn a badge when you complete each segment. This indicates to us your completion of the module and provides you with the opportunity to receive a prize. Be sure to complete the polls so that we know if we are offering you a good learning experience.

The Online Orientation is located within the eLearning management system.

1. Visit MyeLearning (
2. Enter your Student ID number as the username. Username: <Student ID number>
3. Enter your Campus email password as the password. Password: <Campus email password>
4. Click on the CHILL New Student Orientation January 2023 link
5. Enter NSO2022S2 as the enrolment key. Self-enrolment key: <NSO2022S2>
In addition to the new student information, we have prepared short quizzes for each module that are designed to ensure that you know the important pieces of information that will help you along your new journey. 
There are a few other compulsory orientation activities which you were made aware of previously by email ( Please find information on the Registration Buddy Programme and your scheduled registration information sessions here .

Visit the Academic Skills Hub which is a companion to the online orientation. Please ensure that you peruse and complete the activities in the Academic Skills Hub before the start of the new semester.

Be sure to engage in this self-paced learning at a time that is convenient to you. It is available 24/7. We look forward to your participation.

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