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Student Financing

How to Pay Registration, Tuition & Hall Fees

You must pay your fees or enter a payment arrangement satisfactory to the Bursar before you can register for courses.

Fees may be paid:

  1. Pay Online with credit or visa debit card
    1. Students Pay Online via CHOL(student information system) »
    2. Parents/Authorized Users Pay Online »
  1. Pay to the Cashier in the Bursary via:
    • Cash
    • Debit cards
    • Credit cards
    • Cheques
  1. Pay via Banks or approved Outlets (in Barbados) (Student ID number required)
    • Royal Bank of Canada *
    • Scotia Bank *
    • Surepay Outlets **

* Allow two (2) business days for processing to student account.
** Allow one (1) business day for processing to student account.

N.B.: The Cave Hill Campus cannot negotiate notes/cheques issued in British Virgin Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, Bahamian or Trinidad & Tobago currency.

Refund of Excess Fees

Students who have overpaid their fees or have excess fees on their student account must complete a request of excess fees form in order to access the funds. Refund of Excess Fees Form »

Find out How to Pay Application and Other Fees »