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Faculty of Sport

Academy of Sport

Kayla McKenzie

I value everything I learned during my year in the MSc. Sports and Exercise Science programme at UWI Cave Hill. Whether online or in-person, I was able to engage and learn from my teachers and peers through class discussion and work.
The joint programme, through the University of New Brunswick and the University of the West Indies, allows students to explore the impact of sport in the Caribbean, Canada, and around the world. The programme has courses in management and health science which helped introduce me to so many jobs in the sports world, while narrowing my interest to my passion: elite athlete management.
My teachers and administrators were approachable, understanding and accommodating. They cared about students’ individual passions, suggested complementary sports events or school programmes to pursue, and actively encouraged us to get involved with sports associations.
As an international student living on my own for the first time, UWI Cave Hill provided a comfortable environment that allowed me to build a supportive network of lifelong friends. Overall, I enjoyed my experience abroad at UWI Cave Hill. The programme could benefit from increased practical opportunities to put theory to practice and more possibilities to publish your research. With these additions, the Academy of Sport has the potential to be one of the best departments at the university and I look forward to its growth.