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Short Courses

Advanced Clinical Sport Nutrition

Building upon the content of Foundations of Applied Sport Nutrition, this course is a more advanced and in-depth study of specific nutritional concerns of today’s recreational and competitive athlete, with an increased focus on the role and proper use of nutrition. State of the art research in the field is identified, explored, and applied. Individuals who successfully complete this course will be able to serve in a consultive capacity to sporting teams and organisations.

Foundations of Applied Sport Nutrition
Diet and nutrition are key drivers of sporting performance.  However, sports nutrition has not been given sufficient attention by Caribbean sportspeople, teams and sporting organisations. This course introduces delegates to the basic knowledge and application of nutrition in sports. It focuses on the concepts of sport nutrition and on the type of foods and diets which are proven to impact performance. Delegates will be able to provide nutritional support to enhance athletic performance, prevent injury and improve longevity through critical evaluation of athlete menus, dietary supplements, ergogenic aids & sports drinks.

Sport Coaching Methodology: Decision Training
Being at the top of the sporting world demands not only physical prowess and talent, but mental conditioning and psychological resolve. Decision training is used to equip athletes with the attention, anticipation, problem solving and coping skills to consistently perform at a high level. Decision training is an essential part of the job done by the manager or coach. This course is designed to enable practicing and prospective coaches to help you handle the pressure of competition by incorporating in-practice training methods that simulate more accurately what happens in competition. It will help you learn how to assess and critically reflect on your current coaching practices and develop holistic training sessions aimed at achieving specific outcomes related to high performance athletics.

Training the Energy Systems
World class athletes are trained by coaches who understand exercise physiology in general and the optimization of energy use in particular. It has been found that coaches often neglect to give the requisite attention to training the energy systems of the athletes in their charge. This course focuses on the fundamental concepts and principles related to the energy systems within exercise physiology and  will provide you with the information relevant to the development, use and optimization of the body’s three main energy systems. Using interactive course delivery, the course will address topics such as bioenergetics, exercise metabolism and training for performance. A key take-away will be the ability to design training programmes based on energy systems.