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Faculty of Sport

Academy of Sport

Co-curricular Credits Programme

About the Programme

The activities in this programme are designed to give formal recognition to the University’s aim, to produce well-rounded graduates, better prepared for their role in society through activities that will promote personal and professional development. Accordingly, co-curricular activities are designed to foster a range of skills; interpersonal, creative, leadership, management, social and professional.

What Will I Study?

You will discover:
  • The importance of sport in the modern world; Economic, cultural, political, healthy lifestyle and personal development.
  • Technical aspects of sports; Proper training and conditioning, treatment of injuries etc.
  • An overview of sports in the West Indies with emphasis on a historical perspective.


  • COCR 2001 – Track & Field
  • COCR 2002 – Basketball
  • COCR 2003 – Cricket
  • COCR 2004 – Football
  • COCR 2005 – Netball
  • COCR 2006 – Volleyball

Course Credits

Three (3)

Course Details

Students seeking to gain co-curricular credits in Sports are expected to attend or undertake the following activities:
  • Introductory Lectures/Seminars on the importance of sport in the modern world (e.g. economic, cultural, political, healthy lifestyle and personal development).
  • Panel discussion on technical aspects of sport, e.g. proper training and conditioning; treatment of injuries etc.
  • Seminar on an overview of sports in the West Indies with emphasis on a historical perspective.
  • Research in sport of choice.
  • Student involvement as part of a campus-based team in sport of choice, including on and off-campus competitions.

Course Guidelines

Students should take note of the following guidelines:
  • Students in levels 2 and 3 are eligible
  • Each student is eligible for no more than 3 credits towards his/her degree for involvement in co-curricular activities
  • Co-curricular credits shall normally form part of the required credits for a degree. However, in special circumstances, if co-curricular credits are earned in excess of those required for the degree, these and the associated activity will be included on the student’s transcript.
  • Students must be involved in the co-curricular activity for at least one (1) semester.
  • Students must attend a minimum of 75% of the seminars and the practical sessions.
  • The grading of co-curricular activities shall be pass/fail.
  • Co-curricular credits are optionalNo prerequisite is necessary.



Interested students can: