Degree Programmes

Sport is a significant contributor to national health and the economy. Many related areas such as sport tourism are being pushed to the fore by Caribbean governments as a viable commercial activity. The Cave Hill Campus degree programmes are a response to a need for qualified persons in the field of sport science in the Caribbean and across the sporting world by offering programmes from a Certificate to a Bachelors to a Masters. Upon successful completion of the Certificate programmes students may be considered for matriculation to the BSc. Sport Science programme at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus.
Courses are offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences and The Cave Hill School of Business.

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Co-curricular Credits

Since the academic year 2003/2004, co-curricular credits have been introduced into academic programmes at the University of the West Indies, as an integral part of the official credit system.
The activities in this programme are designed to give formal recognition to the university’s aim to produce well-rounded graduates, better prepared for their role in society through activities that will promote personal and professional development. Accordingly, co-curricular activities are designed to foster a range of skills – interpersonal, creative, leadership and management, social and professional.

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Study Hall

Here at the Academy of Sport Cave Hill, many student athletes spend countless hours per week in the pursuit of their athletic dream. As a result, they are usually limited by the amount of time left during the day for them to execute other activities. Such limitations can impact their ability to reach the pinnacle of their academic quests, and it is within our best interest to ensure that support systems are in place to counteract this impact.  One such system which is currently utilized at the Academy of Sports is a Student Athletes’ Study Hall. 

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Academic Support

When student-athletes go above and beyond the call of duty to represent the University or National Associations in competitions, special academic support systems exist to assist those student-athletes with maintaining a certain academic standard.

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The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus Hill offers the Cave Hill Campus Sport Scholarship to limited students per academic year, in recognition of outstanding performances in a sporting discipline as well as inside the classroom. The award aims to increase access to higher education for Caribbean nationals who show particular promise in sports.

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Sport Grants

There shall be up to TEN SPORTING GRANTS available annually to students of the Cave Hill Campus. This number may be increased subject to the availability of funds, to be determined by the Principal, on the advice of the Bursar, at the beginning of each academic year.

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