Called for National Trials
UWI Blackbirds up for national selection
Ahead of preparations for the Central American and Caribbean Games scheduled to be held in Vera Cruz, Mexico on November 14 – 30, a total of ten hockey players have been invited to join the training squad by the Barbados Hockey Federation. These players include Kris Holder, Shane Lewis, Justin Catlin, Kevin Belle, Shanice Clarke, Shani Best, Richanne Gaskin, Cara Briggs and Amaris Chase.

Rhea Bryant and Charlene Mathurin have also been selected by the Barbados Netball Association for the training squad in preparation for regional and international competitions. Bryant and Mathurin join Damisha Croney, Shanice Rock, Rieah Holder and Shanice Blades.

In Basketball, the following students will be vying for a spot on the Barbados national team: Charles Vanderpool, Ian Alexander, Akeem Marsh, Darren Hunte, Shannon Green, Chantal Husbands, Tiffany Husbands, Rhea Holder, Toni Atherley, Sade Clarke, Jennifer Joseph-Hackett, Keshia Corbin and Toni-ann Johnson.

By: Nevin Roach