New Head Appointed
Mrs. Amanda Reifer appointed Head of the Academy of Sport 
"Sport at Cave Hill Campus is entering into an exciting new phase as the Academy of Sport pursues its strategy to develop its high performance program, academic sports programs and promote its state-of-the-art sports facilities. We have a tremendous responsibility to the region to drive sport development through major collaborations with regional and international sporting organizations, national and regional federations and governmental agencies.
I am indeed grateful to the administration of the Campus for their vote of confidence in appointing me HEAD of the Academy of Sport. I fully embrace this new role and look forward to working closely with the staff to realize our Academy's goals. The future for Sport at Cave Hill is bright. The "Blackbirds" brand is gaining momentum, our teams are dominating national leagues and student participation in recreational sport is on the rise. Though there is much more to be done, we must celebrate our achievements thus far. 
As Head, I am thrilled to have been given opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the further development of this Academy by offering strategic direction. Together with my team, we will attain high levels of excellence and professionalism."

- Mrs. Amanda Reifer  -