Dream Come Through
Forde at the IAAF World Relays
Fallon Forde (pictured on the left behind Hinds) and team mates looking at the instant replay of the finalsAn image of a uniform captioned “A few years back I dreamed of earning these clothes and representing my country [Barbados]. My dream has now become reality” is what Sport Science student Fallon Forde posted to his Facebook profile, before flying off to participate in the IAAF World Relays in the Bahamas 2014. The 2014 Louis Lynch 200m Champ finally achieved his goal and was elated to run on the same track with some of world’s finest sprinters.
Forde teamed up with Ramon Gittens, Andrew Hinds and Levi Cadogan to stop the clock at 1:21.88, setting a new national record. The team was elevated to 4th place behind the Jamaican sprint kings, France and St. Kitts and Nevis, after the U.S. was disqualified from their bronze medal finish.
Inside the Bird's Nest reporters were able to have a chat with Forde on his return to Barbados.
Q: Describe your emotion and reaction when you were informed about your selection.
A: I was overjoyed that I was selected especially since it was my dream to represent Barbados at an international meet.
Q: Were you nervous for your first race? If so, how did you shake the feeling?
A: I was extremely nervous during warm up and in the call room area but when we broke the curtain walking out behind our flag and I heard the crowd, I went from nerves to hype!
Q: What were your thoughts just before the start of the finals with a field of seasoned international athletes such as Yohan Blake?
A: I love my country and despite all the big names in the line-up, I was going to take the baton and give the best possible performance I could give. I also asked the Lord to get the baton around the track clean and that my teammates and I finish the race injury-free.
Q: How would you describe your experience participating in the 2014 World Relays?
A: It was one of the best meets I’ve seen put on and that was the opinion of most of the athletes. It was a crazy experience for me. Police escorts and signing autographs… it was way beyond anything I envisioned for my experience on my first national team. It has boosted my confidence so much. I was very observant, looking at warm-ups and behaviours on the track because after all they are the best and I also want to be one of the best! I spent a lot of time with the pros from Barbados and it really was a learning experience for me…
My coach told me to think of myself as one of the best [and] I was a bit unsure but now I believe it more and more. That experience has encouraged me to go even harder now.
Q: What was your most memorable moment of the meet?
A: The most memorable part of the meet for me was the way they introduced us… breaking the curtain with music and flare and all that other stuff. It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen not only as an athlete but as a Track and Field fan and student of the sport as well.
Q: Which international athletes were you hoping to meet?
A: I really only wanted to meet Allyson Felix and Usain Boltbut neither of them were there. However, I met Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Two-time Olympic and Five-time World Champion).That was great she is a really nice and pleasant person. I said hi to a few others but that was about it. I was focused on the task at hand.
Q: Any embarrassing moments?
A: My only embarrassing moment was probably in the preliminaries when I put down my tape in the wrong zone. I put the tape in the blue zone when I was supposed to put it by the yellow. I realised that all the other guys had their tape far from mine so I had to run back onto the track to change it.
Q: What’s next for you in Track & Field
A: The next event on my calendar is Nationals, which will be held on June 20th, 21st and 22nd.  I hope to go sub-21 seconds to get the CAC qualifying mark of 20.9.
By: Nevin Roach