Here at the Academy of Sport Cave Hill, many student athletes spend countless hours per week in the pursuit of their athletic dream. As a result, they are usually limited by the amount of time left during the day for them to execute other activities. Such limitations can impact their ability to reach the pinnacle of their academic quests, and it is within our best interest to ensure that support systems are in place to counteract this impact.  One such system which is currently utilized at the Academy of Sports is a Student Athletes’ Study Hall. 

Study hall serves the following purposes:
1.  Students are provided with a control environment conducive to studying
2. It mandates that the student athlete commits to a minimum number of hours studying per week (in our case 8 hours).
3.  Additional academic support is provided in the form of tutoring.
4.  It provides an additional resource for the student athlete to achieve academic excellence. 
It assists in providing that additional academic rigour to the Academy of Sport’s programmes.
Study hall is a quiet place for student athletes to take part in academic activity. Please conduct yourselves in the manner in which you would in a final exam.
2. All Student athletes are expected to come to study hall prepared to study. This means that it is up to the student athlete to bring enough work to keep them busy for the duration of their time in study hall. If a student athlete is not prepared then he/she will be asked to leave study hall.
3. All student athletes are expected to show respect to the other student athletes, monitors and tutors around them. This means NO TALKING, NO MUSIC, NO FOOD, NO CELL PHONES and NO WANDERING AROUND. You are in study hall for the sole purpose of completing your schoolwork and studying. If you need to talk with another student athlete about scholastic issues please approach the monitor on duty and let them know what you require and accommodations will be made if possible.
4. No hats of any kind will be worn in study hall.
5. No loud talking, yelling, PROFANITY or horseplay will be tolerated.
6. No sleeping at any time!
7.  Student athletes need to be in study hall for a minimum of 1 hour per visit in order to receive credit towards reducing their weekly quota of 8 hours.
8.  BATHROOM POLICY: If you need to use the Bathroom facilities it is expected that you first notify the monitor on duty and sign out when you leave study hall and sign in on your return.
9.  If tutoring is required for a specific course a request must be made to your sports Co-ordinator or the monitor on duty at least 1 day prior to you attending study hall. This is to allow enough time to notify the tutor.
10.  Athletes traveling to represent UWI during the semester should use study hall to prepare for any assignments ahead of the deadlines.