Blackbirds Narrowly Lose Out
The Tennis players went down 49-42 to the Tennis Centre in a credible showing
The Tennis team was in action again over the weekend but came up just a bit short at the end of play, going down to the Tennis Centre 49-42. It was an outstanding showing by the players given that the Tennis Centre was the stronger of the two teams. Ge'anne Hilton is captured on return below.

Ge'Anne Hilton on return. Photo: Shane Leacock

• Men's Singles: Renaldo Gibson def. Tennis Centre 6-5 (8-6)
• Women's Singles : Tennis Centre def. Gabrielle Leslie 6-3
• Men's Doubles: Seanon Williams/Hasani Stewart def. Tennis Centre 9-5
• Men's Doubles: Seanon Williams/J'Rai Da Silva def. Tennis Centre 9-7
• Women's Doubles: Naiomi Brathwaite/Olivia Bennet def. Tennis Centre 9-8 (7-3)
• Women's Doubles: Tennis Centre def. Danni Maynard/Ge'anne Hilton 9-1
• Mixed Doubles: Tennis Centre def. Duncan Evanson/Malissa McCollin 9-5

Match Score: 4-3 (Blackbirds)
Game Score: 49-42 (Tennis Centre)

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