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Rudder's All Inclusive Plans (BSc. Sport Science Graduate)
Written by: Shane Lewis

International Hockey Player. Brand Ambassador. FIH Developer. These are just a few of the titles which apply to Mr. Akeem Rudder, the founder of the IncludeU Sports Academy (IUSA). Rudder, the 27-year-old who hails from the eastern parish of St. Joseph has sought to change the sporting landscape of Barbados by offering specialized coaching and training for individuals with disabilities.

When asked about the inspiration behind the IUSA, Rudder stated that his interest was kindled whilst completing one of the courses within his BSc. Sport Science programme where participants were tasked with assisting persons within a vulnerable community. Given this experience, Rudder decided to make contact with individuals from England and Holland in order to gain further knowledge in the area of sports for disabled persons. Fortunately, his research led him in the direction of a company which was keen in the promotion of Parahockey and he eventually met with its representatives while on a trip to Manchester, England.
The main focus of IUSA is to provide children with the necessary skills to create physical literacy and confidence from a young age by way of improving their Decision Making, Balance, Co-ordination and Fundamentals of Movement. These concepts are ideal in forming a solid base for activity and enforces IUSA’s philosophy of “Skills first; movement after”.

Apart from the information gained from the research conducted, Rudder also credited the knowledge and experience imparted through his BSc. Sport Science degree at Cave Hill. He indicated that topics such as Biomechanics, Introduction to Anatomy, Sports in a Global Marketplace and Nutrition have allowed him to formulate the necessary coaching and training plans for the IUSA’s participants. Commendably, Rudder has enrolled at the University’s School of Graduate Studies and Research and will be pursuing a MSc. degree in Inclusive Practices for Special Needs as this will provide him with an even greater understanding of working with persons who have disabilities.

In the interim, Rudder is focused on training more persons in the area with the goal of having a wider pool of coaches, in addition to purchasing a physical location to house the IUSA while offering more services to its participants. Additionally, he plans to eventually branch out into the region and set up Academies in other Caribbean countries to ensure that even more children are afforded the opportunity to experience the joy that sport brings to all.