D'Jamila Edwards - Field Hockey

Age - 20
DOB - 15/1/1995
Nationality - Barbadian
Course of Study - Accounting & Finance
Favourite Colour

I usually say I don’t have a favourite colour but others may beg to differ as the majority of things I own contain some shade of pink.
Favourite Athlete

My favourite athlete would have to be Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. This is simply because I love to watch track and field events and she is also the fastest woman in the world who so happens to be from the Caribbean. She is fearless, has excellent form and performs with such poise and good deportment. It’s amazing.
Starting Hockey

The first time I played hockey was at my primary school, Eden Lodge Primary. One of the auxiliary staff members, Diana Downes introduced the Upper year students to the sport and it was at that moment I knew hockey was for me. I always shied away from sports like netball (no offense to those who play the sport) because I felt like it wasn’t challenging enough for me.
When I entered Combermere School I took the sport more seriously. I was privileged to be coached by Colonel Deighton Maynard, coached at the school for many years. I captained the team at all divisions in the Schools’ League Competition, both indoor and outdoor, until I joined the Combermere School Old Scholars team in third form.
I made my first national team while in school, at the age of 17. It was at this point that my hockey skills started to improve immensely and as a result, I have been a member of every national team since. A year after I entered UWI I joined the Blackbirds Hockey Club, which I still represent.
National Experience

My first national selection was in 2012 when I was selected to represent Barbados at the Junior Pan American Games in Mexico. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control we did not attend the tournament. However, soon after this disappointment, I was once again selected to represent Barbados in Trinidad at the World League Round 1 Tournament with the Senior Women’s Team. In September and November 2014, I participated in the World League Round 1 in Jamaica and the Central American and Caribbean Games respectively.
Recently, I was called to trials for the 2015 Pan American Challenge which was held in Chiclayo, Peru. It was at this tournament that I won my first international medal, which qualified the Senior Women’s Team for the 2017 Pan American Cup in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In addition, I am currently training with the senior and junior national team in preparation for the Olympic Hockey Test Event in Rio, Brazil and the 2016 Junior Pan American Games in Trinidad.

  • World League R1, Port of Spain, Trinidad – 6th
  • World League R1, Kingston, Jamaica – 3rd
  • 2014 Central American & Caribbean Games, Mexico – 5th
  • 2015 Pan American Challenge, Chiclayo, Peru- 2nd
Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable moment would have to be when I stood on the medal podium in Peru and received my first medal, silver, at the Pan American Challenge. After playing national women’s hockey from a very young age I now can say that all the work and commitment that I’ve been putting in since then, is paying off.
Current Activity

Apart from representing the Blackbirds, I am a technical official in the Barbados Hockey Federation League. In addition to this, my plan is to become an umpire as there is currently a scarcity of female umpires in Barbados. My plans as it relates to hockey in Barbados, is simply to encourage the youth to join the teams at their schools as a means of boosting the hockey community in Barbados to where it was years ago. In addition to the Secondary Schools’ League Competitions, I believe that hockey may be introduced in primary schools so as to lay a proper foundation in building the future.