When student-athletes go above and beyond the call of duty to represent the University or National Associations in competitions, special academic support systems exist to assist those student-athletes with maintaining a certain academic standard.
Categories of Competition 

UWI co-curricular competitors compete primarily at the following five (5) levels:
1.       International (For University or Country)
2.       Regional (For University or Country)
3.       National League (For University or Campus)
4.       Inter-collegiate/Inter-Campus (For Campus)
5.       Intra-Mural (For Hall of Residence or Faculty or other Campus sub-unit)

Assistance is provided for competitiors in the following forms:
Flexible Assessment

The time and travel commitments of student-athletes, participating in categories 1 to 3, may make it difficult for them to submit course assignments as assigned in the course outlines. Lecturers of courses for which the student-athlete is enrolled are expected to assist the student by developing a flexible assessment process to accommodate their travel and competition schedule. However, while lecturers are expected to cooperate, the onus is on the student-athlete, and the relevant campus office, or officer, to provide the appropriate information in a timely manner to the lecturer and department.
Flexible Tutorial Support

Students competing in categories 1 to 3 shall be provided with the option of flexible tutorial support. Where tutorial arrangements are made in consultation with the schedules of students it is expected that they will honour their tutorial commitments.
Alternate Final Examinations

In the event that a student has an important competitive meet that clashes with a final examination, efforts will be made to schedule an alternate final examination. 
Access to Summer School

Students in categories 1 to 3 will be allowed to attend summer school, providing that the courses requested are being offered by the faculty. Student-athletes who fall within these categories, should note that they must seek academic advice from the Academic Coordinator in the Academy of Sport Dr. Rudolph Alleyne at the beginning of each semester.