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Faculty of Sport

Academy of Sport

Blackbirds Club Administration

The Executive Committee

The Executive shall comprise of:

The Annual General Meeting

An annual general meeting shall be held the 2nd week of September and shall:
  • Receive all accounts for the previous year ending July 31st
  • Discuss the calendar for the entire year
  • Elect the sub-committees as it sees fit, from time to time


Sub-committees shall be established by the Executive Committee when needed. The mandated sub-committees are:
  • Fundraising and Awards Committee
  • Community Outreach and PRO Committee
    • Wings Volunteer (Sub-Committee)
  • Social and Recreational Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Sub-committee for the coaches and the athletes where they can have a forum to address any concerns or initiatives they may have. (Athletes, Coaches Committee(ACC))
  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Membership and Youth Development Committee
(The committees shall comprise students, staff and bona fide club members only)